Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where has the last month gone?

Well, I started my new job about 6 weeks ago and it is going great and I love it, however, I have been the definition of busy. We are short several sales reps and are in the process of training new hires as well as getting through the everyday activities plus I have been in several trainings. On top of all that I gave my first trade ride presentation less than a month into the job and I conducted a training exercise with the sales team this past week. Next week I am giving a small presentation for Sweetbay. Oh, I also forgot to mention that this is a huge display time of year for us with March Madness coming quickly so I have been selling those displays in and watching them go up, which has been a lot of fun. I have been working early mornings and then do emails and plan until pretty late at night. I have to admit there are days I felt overwhelmed but I am loving it!

Rich and the girls have been good, both kid's have had offend on runny noses and coughs. Rich and I got away for our 5 year wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We went to Downtown Disney for the weekend and it was so much fun. The kid's stayed with my parents and were very good. Jolie went to a birthday party last weekend, that was fun and we are going to another birthday party tomorrow, which will be fun! Other than work and the kid's things have been quiet and Rich and I are starting to settle into a new routine which is nice.