Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last weekend, last week, and this weekend!

So I will start by saying it has felt like a whirlwind the last week. Last week Friday was my last day of my last vacation for the year and Rich and Jolie were also off because of Conference Day. So we scheduled a conference with Jolie's teachers, which went very well. We received her test scores for the first VPK testing period and she is in the top 1% of all VPK kids in the state, only missing 3 questions on the whole test. Her teachers are pleased with her progress, as are we. She is starting to read and does double digit addition in math. She is constantly spelling words, she also ask what things are in Spanish and is doing great with that. After the conference we went to Walmart for a new booster seat for her and then the drive thru at Wendy's to pick up lunch. We took both the girls and lunch to the park for a little picnic and playtime. The weather was amazing and the girls had a great time. We had a quite rest of the day and all was great.

Saturday, oh Saturday....Jolie and I had just hit the interstate to go to Ikea to get the shelve I had been talking about all week when my phone rang, it was my Aunt in Chicago. She informed me that my Grandma had fallen in her house and asked me to go check on her. I jump off the interstate and head right over. Grandma answers the door and I immediately tell her we are going to the hospital....I get her ready and we head to the ER. She looked like she had gone 9 rounds with Mike Tyson, bumps and the worst black eye I had ever seen. Rich met me at the hospital and retrieved Jolie and I cared for Grandma. Of course my Mom was still out of town so I was solely in charge. They did all the scans and what not and the good news was there was no internal injuries. As time went on she developed two black eyes and basically an entire face in bruises. I stayed with her Saturday night and Sunday morning until my Mom arrived home. My poor Mom has been staying everyday and night with her since then so this week has just been a zoo.

This past week was just full of busy, crazy times. I have so much going on and feel as though there is no time for me to breathe. Jolie has been sick all this week and Rich took off to help with her, she did a pediatrician appointment and ended up on steroids to help her breathing which has made her hyperactive which has been a challenge. She is also on breathing treatments (which is fairly common for us) as well as a puffer inhaler. So that has been busy and stressful. Then there is just the everyday going on and that is at times overwhelming.

This weekend, yesterday was pretty much devoted to a depressing day of Gator football. We recorded our 4th straight loss and I think now will be struggling to even be bowl eliagable. So it was pretty much a PJ day and we all just rested. Last night Jolie stayed with Poppy for a sleepover, she loved that because it was just the two of them and she got to do everything she wanted to do.

Today we did a little Halloween Party at my Mom and Dad's house for the girls. Jolie got to carve a pumpkin, which she loved doing. We had pizza and wings, the girls put on their costume and got to collect their treats from the family, Jolie loved that part, of course! It was nice to see everyone and we had a great time. After the party we came home, took naps, and then Jolie and I did a trip to the grocery store. She even helped cut coupons before we left and helped check things off the list at the store. It is amazing how grown up she is, it makes you wonder where the years have gone! Overall, we had a great weekend and we look forward to another busy week! Tomorrow starts at 8:30 am with Flu Shot appointments for both the I wrote this Rich has already asked me if it was Friday yet? Ha ha!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom---Day 4

**** I wrote this post during the day on Thursday but never posted it, so here it is.  The weekend went very south on Saturday stay tuned for the update on that, in my weekend post.****

So my week as a stay at home Mom is nearly over, I have to say I am a little sad about that, I have really enjoyed getting to hang out with Avery and being home every afternoon when Rich and Jolie arrive home, it is really nice to not feel all the stress and pressure of work.  I was thinking about it, with the exception of watching Avery and the random cleaning I am really just doing what I normally do but without all the work stuff.  I have been billing orders from home but that is easy in comparison to the normal stuff I do for work in a day.  But the point is normally my life is so much busier it is nice to have a quiet week and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the lovely fall weather that finally arrived, although I think it will be gone in just a few days but in the meantime we are going to soak it all up!!  On to our day today....

7:00 am Well actually a few minutes before 7:00 am we hear Avery talking on the monitor.  I am moving very slow as I stayed up late last night checking out all the new on-line coupons as well as the new Publix store ad that came out, not sure why or how I got so wrapped up in it but I did.  Rich made Avery's bottle and got her diaper changed while I got Jolie dressed.  Jolie was so excited about getting to wear a jacket and jeans, got to love cool weather.  I then went in and feed Avery while Rich got ready.  Rich got breakfast, lunch packing, and coffee going while I was finishing up upstairs.

8:00 am Rich runs out the door for work, a few minutes late, that might have been thanks to my slow moving this morning.

8:20 am I get the kids in the car to take Jolie to school.  We talk to my parents on the phone, Jolie counts to 200, this is one of her favorite pastimes.

8:45 am Avery and I go to the Target.  We needed formula (I will be so happy when we are done with baby formula and bottles, the days are near), I also pick up a sale hoodie for Avery since she is wearing 18 months clothes and we don't have much in the way of winter clothes in that size, not really sure why that is but either I haven't found the box they are in or we don't have them.  We have winter stuff in 9 months, 12 months, and 24 months.  Jolie didn't wear 18 months for long and I think it was from around her 1st birthday until that September or so, when it is HOT around here.  I also pick up some paper plates on sale for Avery's 1st Birthday Party, I have been slowly gathering sale stuff so I can try to do this party for as little money as possible.  Not sure if I have mentioned it or not but I am doing a Milk and Cookie's Party, the color scheme is Red, Orange, and White.  So thus far I have red, orange, and white polka dot napkins and solid red colored plates.  I also bought pre-cut orange letters that I am going to use to make a happy birthday banner.  And then of course as you know I am saving baby food jars, those are going to be turned into party favors, I am going to make hot chocolate mix and put it in there, it will be mixed with warm water or milk when the guest are ready to make it.  They are also going to get a little bag of #1 cookies.  Now I need to get some ribbon to make a picture banner of her every month of her first year and then I need some scrapbook paper for the banner and I will be done with that stuff.  And I also will pick up little treat bags and some ribbon and tags for the baby food jar hot chocolate.  For the food table we are going to use these glass bowls that were the center pieces at my wedding, I have 17 of them so we are good there and then I am going to mix in all the solid red serving pieces I have from Christmas, so no need to spend money there!!  So thus far I have spent about $11 and I don't have that much more to go other than food, of which I have cut several coupons for the flour, sugar, and chocolate chips that our cookie recipes will call for.  On to my day though.

9:15 am After Target Avery and I went to the meat market for the sale.  We bought chicken, ground beef, Italian sausage, and then deli meat.  We got 20lbs of meat and the sandwich meat and out total was $45, not bad.  So the freezer will be loaded up for awhile once Rich and I bag everything up later tonight.

10:00 am Avery and I arrive home and put our purchases away.

10:30 am Avery ate her bottle and went down for nap.  While she slept I started gathering coupons for my next shopping trip this weekend, I started making my list, cut some coupons, and matched the sale ad to my coupons.  I also printed some on-line coupons as well.  I also got a few minutes to start writing this post.

12:30 pm Avery got up from her nap, we came downstairs and got lunch ready.  I had a sandwich and she had jar baby food as well as some wagon wheels and a few puffs, she ate good, she really loves solid food!

1:00 pm After lunch we played on the floor, I talked to my Mom who was shopping for clothes for the girls up in North Carolina and I also called and checked on my Grandma.  Had a funny conversation with my husband and overall had a nice afternoon.  Avery is starting to let go and stand and even is taking a few steps before falling, I can't believe my just 10 month old baby is a walker, Jolie didn't do what she is doing now until her first birthday and then full blown walked right after her birthday.

2:45 pm Avery drank a little snack bottle and then went down for a little afternoon nap, well first she was standing in her crib and knocked her baptism cross off the wall, it fell but thankfully didn't break.  While Avery was napping I did some dishes and cleaned up downstairs a little because my MIL is coming over for dinner tonight.  Plus I want to take the kids outside when Rich and Jolie get home because it is just so nice out today.  I am thinking Jolie can do a little bike riding and I will put Avery in the stroller.

4:15 pm Avery got up from her nap, happy and laughing, it was really sweet!

4:45 pm Rich ran home real quick and then went to get Jolie.

5:40 pm Rich and Jolie arrived home and we played a little.  We didn't make it outside but did decide to go to the park with the kids tomorrow since Jolie and Rich are home tomorrow as well.

6:00 pm The MIL came over and we had  lovely dinner together.

8:00 pm We put the girls to bed.  My MIL stayed until about 10:30 pm and then Rich and I were off to bed!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom---Day 3

Okay, so I am not quite sure where yesterday ended and today began because it was 12:30 am when Avery was crying from her crib and I can honestly say I had just fallen asleep less than an hour before, for some reason I laid in bed last night watching TV and couldn't get to sleep even though I was tired.  But I got up and gave Avery a bottle and held her for a little bit and put her back down to sleep.  I got back in my bed and went right back to sleep, thank goodness!

6:45 am I hear Avery talking on the monitor.  Rich gets up and makes a bottle and I get Avery up and dressed.  Avery also had a leaky diaper so Rich changed her sheets as she ate.  Jolie was also up at this point so she got in our bed and watched a little TV.  Rich took a shower.  Once Avery was done I got Jolie and myself dressed and we headed downstairs for breakfast.

7:15 am I feed Jolie breakfast, Rich makes coffee, and we pack lunches.  Rich leaves for work and I finish getting Jolie ready for school.

8:20 am I load the kids in the car to take Jolie to school, we talk to my parents on the way, nothing too exciting.

9:00 am On the way home from the school Avery and I stop at the Hess Gas Station to grab a newspaper as the meat market sale ad is in there today, we get that.  There is a Thursday coupon for boneless skinless chicken breast, it is on sale with the coupon in the paper tomorrow for $1.59/lb. when you buy 10lbs. or more, so I decide that is worth waiting til tomorrow for.  We get home and play, Avery is slightly cranky, maybe because she was up in the middle of the night, just a guess!

10:20 am I feed Avery a mini bottle, she only eats half but looks super tired so I put her down for a nap.  While she sleeps I make a grocery list and get the coupons together, I opted not to do that last night, oops!  So I get all that info together.  There were some great BOGO's and I had some real good coupons, it made me excited, I have to admit!

11:45 am Avery wakes up and we head out to the store, she is happy and good in the store, everyone talks to her, she loved it!  I ended up saving just over $50 in coupons and sales, only spent $48 out of pocket, I am getting so good at this and I love it!

12:45 pm We arrive home and I get the cold stuff put away and then get lunch ready for Avery and myself, since I didn't eat during her nap we ate together today.  Avery finished off another baby food jar, yes!!!  My collection is growing!!

1:45 pm Lunch is done, dishes are in the sink and the highchair and table are wiped down.  Avery plays in her step and play while I take a few orders for work and start typing this post.  I feel totally behind today and realize that is actually going to rain today so I scratch the idea of going to Ikea for today, I think I will go on Friday and take Jolie and leave Avery with Rich since we are all home on Friday as it is a school holiday.

2:00 pm I feed Avery a bottle, she really didn't finish it either, not sure what that is about as most the time she sucks them dry.  She is eating more food now though so that could be it.

2:30 pm Avery is just a fussy mess, I put her down for her nap.  She made a few noises that I heard on the monitor but she slept well.  I spend a couple of minutes just sitting on the couch and enjoy the quite.  I then get up and put the dry good groceries away and load/unload the dishwasher.  I start thinking about dinner for the night, we are having yellow rice and chicken, I am making fresh steamed brocolli, and cuban bread and butter, obviously I went to the store today because I wouldn't always have that much fresh stuff in my house.  Although I have to say I have become a fan of some of these frozen veggies.  I even bought 4 bags today on BOGO plus I had a $1.00 off two bag coupon.  With the rising cost of "healthy" foods (fruits, veggies, and meats) I have had to get creative with coupons and sales.  I have started using a local meat market that runs great specials for all of our meats as I refuse to pay the price of Publix meats, I mean their boneless, skinless chicken is about $4 a pound, that just doesn't work for me and obviously I do a few nights for less as well but I still pull a weekly average of about $5-6 a day for dinner and then lunch is actually a little more because of the convience foods that are factored in.  However, I am getting better as I have started buying whatever deli meat is on sale at the meat market for $3.99/lb. so that is also helping!  Anyways, enough of my grocery philosiphies and ways.  I also decided at the end of Avery's nap time to make Rich a little treat so I made some witches hats, they are by far Rich's favorite fall treat so he was thrilled when he got home.

4:00 pm Avery woke up from her nap and was super cute in the monitor just talking away.  I went upstairs and got her and we came downstairs for her snack.  We played a little bit and she hung out in her step and play as I finished up some orders for work.  Then she finished her bottle from earlier.

5:15 pm Rich and Jolie arrived home, we all just hung out.  Rich had a big lunch at work with a friend so he wasn't up for a big dinner so him and I kind of skipped dinner, which was fine with me, I wasn't that hungry either.

6:00 pm Rich and I fed the kids dinner and sat with them at the dining room table.

7:00 pm Rich gave Jolie a bath and I watched Avery in her room while she played.  After Jolie's bath she came in and played a little too.

8:00 pm I put Avery to bed and Rich put Jolie to bed.

It is currently a little after nine and Rich is laying on one couch and I am on the other typing this post and thinking about how I am ready to go to bed and relax.  I didn't get as much done today as I had hoped but it is what it is I guess, today kind of felt like a vacation day in it's own little way.  I didn't do as much for work so that was nice.  I do still have a ton of stuff I wanted to get accomplished but watching a baby and getting heavy duty cleaning done is next to impossible.  So over the weekend I am going to try to get a little bit done while Rich helps with the kids, we shall see if that works out for me!!  But I am tired today and the weather tonight is awesome so I am ready to go lay in my bed with the bedroom windows up and go to sleep to the quiet night breezes, now that sounds a little like a vacation!!  Well strike the vacation thing, Jolie just came downstairs crying about the fact that her TV turned off, we set the sleep timer to it and most nights she is fast asleep before it cuts out, tonight is not one of those nights and Rich is off to get her back down and I am off to assist in that, good night!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom-----Day 2

So last night went well, except a mess up in our take out but Avery went down to bed with ease and Rich and I got caught up on Jersey Shore from last week so that was fun, I often wondered how I lived without DVR, it is an amazing invention!

On to today....

5:30 am I was still sound asleep in bed but apparently Jolie was up and wondered downstairs to find Rich asleep on the couch where he had fallen asleep watching Monday Night Football. So she woke him up and they cuddled on the couch for a little while.

7:00 am Rich came upstairs and got in the shower. I got up and threw on a t-shirt and yoga pants, it is a comfy day as it is suppose to rain all day. I got Jolie dressed while Rich was in the shower and then Avery woke up so I got her up, diaper changed, and bottle fed. I decided to give Avery a PJ day so I just left her in the pj's she was wearing.

7:35 am We all came downstairs for breakfast, Jolie ate her cereal and Avery played in the pack and play, she doesn't like being in it except in the morning, so I use it while it works! Rich and I packed lunches, his and Jolie's. Rich made coffee....awesome because a cup was a must this morning!

8:15 am I loaded the kids up to take Jolie to school, we talked to my parents on the way and Jolie started crying when she realized Mimi and Poppy had gone to the Mountains without her. It was kind of sad and I felt real bad for my Mom but Jolie cheered up when we told her she would go with them in the summer.

8:45 Avery and I came back home and just played in the living room, she was busy!

10:15 am Avery got a mini bottle and went down for her morning nap. She played hard this morning so she was out pretty quick. I got a few minutes on the couch to just relax, loved that! Then I typed the first part of this post on the I-Pad. I sent a few words with friends to my Mom and Grandma. Now I am going to figure out what's for dinner and defrost that and then I am going to heat up some soup from the freezer for lunch. I also had my weekly update call with the house director at the sorority house, this afternoon I am hoping to get some other things done for the sorority as well.

11:45 am Avery wakes up from her nap, good thing I had already ate my lunch, thank goodness for quick and easy things from the freezer.  My freezer is getting a little light on food so I think it means I have to grocery shop and cook on Thursday or Friday.  Anyways, I go upstairs and get Avery, change her diaper and look around her room and realize it is a mess, the girls have been playing in there a lot lately so it needs to be cleaned, I make a mental note of that and think that it might be a good afternoon project.

12:00 pm I put Avery in the highchair to eat lunch, she eats all her baby food jar, I am currently collecting the glass baby food jars for a project for her first birthday party so I get very happy when we have empties.  I currently have 13 and I need 57, so she needs to get to eating!! ha ha  Then she eats her little puffs, she is getting so good at feeding herself those, it is amazing how fast she has grown.

12:30 pm I put Avery on the floor to play, she crawls around I surf the net for a new shelve for my dining room, I measure the space and think of my needs and send a couple of links to Rich for his opinion.  Rich tells me he doesn't care (I do love that he lets me decorate and undecorate however I want and he also appreciates the fact that I try to do so at a minimal cost) so I find the one I want at Ikea, check the inventory for the Tampa store and bingo they have it, and it fits my budget!!  Love it when the stars align like that!  I get super excited and think of packing Avery up and going over to get it.  Rich texts me and says it is supposed to rain all afternoon why would I want to do this.  I agree but it hasn't rained a drop yet, even though it was supposed to start last night, then no later than noon and so on but I decide I will do this tomorrow.  So then I debate what today's project is going to be.  While I debate my next project I clean out a catch all basket that is in the kitchen.  I then decide it was time to clean Avery's room.

1:15 pm Avery and I head to her room for cleaning, well I cleaned she played on the floor with all her toys.  I moved some stuff around, put some small clothes away for my friend Sarah's kids, and pull out some more clothes that are Avery's size and good for fall.  I dusted and moved some things around.  Then before I put all the toys on the floor away Avery and I played and giggled and just had some great Mommy/Baby time.

2:30 pm We came downstairs I threw away the garbage from our cleaning and put away a few things I had brought downstairs while Avery spent about 10 minutes in the pack and play.  I made her little bottle and she ate it all, quickly!!  She is a little piglet!! :)

2:45 pm Avery went to her crib for her afternoon nap, she went right down, we played pretty hard!  I wrote more of this blog post, I am using every minute I have.  I did a little research on some items I need for little projects for Avery's first birthday party, that will be a post for another day.  I promised Rich I would have at least one day of my vacation where I didn't spend any money so I stop myself from ordering them and figure I will do it tomorrow since I am going to Ikea tomorrow anyways, so today is No Spending Tuesday in The Perillo House.

3:30 pm I get busy with work, I have orders to put in and some phone calls to take, I hear her on the monitor playing but she isn't crying so I leave her a little longer.  She goes back to sleep for a few more minutes.

4:00 pm Avery is for sure awake now.  I go upstairs to her room and we play up there for a few minutes, I took the I-Pad to play words with friends while I watched her crawl around.  I then decide since I cleaned Avery's Room I should also clean Jolie's Room.  So Avery and I head in there and get it done!

5:15 pm Rich and Jolie arrive home as Avery and I finish cleaning Jolie's room, I didn't get to the girl's bathroom but I had already sprayed the cleaner so I know I have to get it done before Avery's bath tonight.  We all go downstairs and play for a little bit.

6:00 pm I start making dinner, just a simple chicken and veggie pasta that I make fairly regularly.  We eat, which with Jolie is forever an adventure.  Avery eats well, I have another baby food jar for my collection, Jolie doesn't do as well and looses her TV privilege for the evening.

7:00 pm Rich watches the girls so I can get back upstairs and clean the girl's bathroom.  I play with the girl's for a few minutes while Rich takes the laundry out and hangs up a few things to dry.

7:30 pm Rich gives Avery a bath and Jolie and I put the kid's toys away in Avery's room.

7:50 pm I give Avery her night bottle, she goes to bed quickly, totally unlike Avery but it happens.  I know deep down that it won't last but I keep going.

8:10 pm I get in the shower for the first time this week, its awful isn't it, that is the one thing that I feel like is very difficult this week, there doesn't seem to be time for me, not even for a shower, because pretty much I only have time to do it when Rich is home, that limits things quite a bit.

8:30 pm I sit down to update this blog.  I think of the 700 things I still feel like need to be done tonight but at this point I start prioritizing as I am tired.  I decide once done with this I am going to the dishes and clean the kitchen and then I am going to consult the store ads and my coupons and make a quick grocery list to get us through the rest of this week.  I didn't grocery shop this weekend, I did a big shop the week before, the sales were just awesome!  So I am just going to do a small trip and get just the things we need until the weekend.  I also need to inventory the meats in the freezer as the local meat market will have a new ad coming out tomorrow, this way I will know what I have and what sales I want to take advantage of.

So with that note it is 8:45 pm and I still have dishes, cleaning, and grocery list making to do.  In conclusion, it was another good day at home with Avery, she is so cute.  I think I will take a few pictures tomorrow to share but until then I have a lot to do, will be back tomorrow to continue my week long post series.  I will also say I did not get as much done today as I wanted to but I had a good time with my sweet baby girl!  On a side note, it never did rain I stayed in for nothing!  The weatherman got it all wrong!

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom---Day 1

So I know, I know I have been so absent from blogging, I have just been so busy in life so I have been so bad at keeping up with the blog. I promise to update with at least pictures over the next week. But moving on to my week as a SAHM, Jolie goes to preschool everyday, however, Avery is not in school yet, she stays with my Mom four days a week and one day a week with my MIL. Well my parents were itching to get up to their house in North Carolina for the changing of the leaves, so since I had a week's vacation left, I told Mom and Dad to head out of town and I would stay with Avery, so here we are with my week as a SAHM. So far so good....I have grand plans for this week so I am hoping to get a lot done, we'll see if that actually happens but I have the best of intentions.

7:00 am Rich is up and tells me I better do the same, for some miraculous reason both kids are still asleep, love it!

7:20 am I actually roll out of bed, put on jeans and a t-shirt, put my hair in a ponytail, kids are still asleep, love it!

7:30 am Rich and I go in Jolie's room as she is stirring, I get her up and dressed, we head downstairs for breakfast. She has cereal and Rich makes her lunch and his.

7:45 am Avery wakes up and we hear giggling on baby monitor and little squeals, so cute!!!  I go in and get her dressed and feed her, her morning bottle. Avery wakes up in a good mood and is smiling. We head downstairs. I put on minimal makeup and help Jolie finish breakfast and then do her hair and get her shoes and socks on.

8:15 am We load in the car to take Jolie to school.

8:35 am Jolie is dropped off and Avery and I head for the Dollar Store and Walmart. We pick up a few random items at each place and head home.  Avery plays while I do a little work, send e-mails and make phone calls.

10:30 am Avery gets a small bottle and then heads down for a nap. I did get a second to pour myself an iced coffee, which was delicious thanks to my wonderful husband making coffee this morning. She wakes several times crying, she didn't finish the bottle so I head upstairs to finish giving said bottle. While she is sleeping I make a quick lunch for myself. As I cook and eat, I hear her playing in her crib but at least she some what rested.

12:30 pm I feed Avery her lunch of baby food jar, a little squash and some fruit. She also ate some veggie wagon wheels and yogurt puffs.

1:00 pm I put Avery in the living room to play while I get some cleaning done downstairs. That happens somewhat but not entirely, I got less done than I would on my own but I did get some things accomplished and of course got some time with a super cute little girl! I got all the girl's toys cleaned up and cleared out a little bit.  I also got some dusting done.  I plan on having Rich get out my box of fall decor tomorrow and getting that put up as well as get a little closet cleaning done, hopefully my sweetie allows that!

3:00 pm I feed Avery a mini bottle and put her down for her afternoon nap.  She was in her bed talking for the better part of the first 15 minutes or so.  While she was napping Mommy took a break and wrote the beginning of this post.  I also was able to get some orders punched in for work since I am on a working vacation.  I caught a few minutes of raunchy daytime TV, I have to admit Judge Mathis is my guilty pleasure and then swept the downstairs floor.  I did a bunch of work while Avery napped, so that was good.

4:30 pm Avery wakes up from nap we play, I do a little more cleaning.

5:15 pm Jolie and Rich came home, the kids played and I ordered take out.  It was a long day so I opted for no cooking, so now it is almost time to eat and Rich accidently posted this post that I had up waiting for my day to be over so we will call it a day now and say it went well as a stay at home Mom, at least for today!

See you tomorrow!!!