Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanted to post a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mimi and Auntie Ellie from The Perillo Family!

Baby Bump

So thus far in my pregnancy I was doing such a good job of not looking super pregnant and staying smaller than I was with Jolie but as the third trimester approaches (I am 23 and 1/2 weeks) I am officially popping.  As I got dressed for work this morning I realized that I for sure look pregnant and there is no covering or hiding that baby bump.  I was hoping to stay small til the bitter end but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen.  I have a doctor's appointment a week from tomorrow so then I will figure out where I am weight wise but I am sure my belly is out there because I can now see it and I definitely feel it, so much for staying small!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Long Night.....

Okay as you can see from my text message post last night it was a horrible, very long night at the Perillo House.  Here is how our evening went....

At 5:30 pm we met my family out for dinner to celebrate all the birthdays we have coming this week...tomorrow is my mom's birthday, Wednesday is my mother in law's birthday, and then Monday the 6th is my husband's birthday.  We had a great time.

At about 7 pm we all came back to our house for Birthday Cupcakes and Cookies that Jolie and I made earlier in the day, everyone left our house about 8 pm.

A little after 8 we put Jolie to bed because we wanted to get her settled in because Rich and I had our Fantasy Football Draft, I had the #1 overall pick so I was very excited and on the clock right at 9 pm when it started.  If anyone cares I selected Chris Johnson, RB Tennessee, the good thing is I preselected him so it was an auto pick for me.

At exactly 9 pm as the Draft went live every smoke detector in our house went off, blaring, uncontrollably, in case anyone wants to know we have 6 smoke detectors in our just under 1700 square foot house, I now think that is an absurd number, way too many.  Well of course Rich and I both spring off the couch and run around trying to figure out what is going on and we go to Jolie who has her head buried in the pillows in her room just crying.  I stay with her, Rich looks for the problem.  Well, I don't think there was a fire as there was no smell and no smoke, just some sort of horrible nightmare.  The blaring stops, thank God, we bring Jolie downstairs so that we can try to continue the draft.  We do so, there are some very loud beeps that quickly stop, Jolie is curled up in my lap shaking.  We keep drafting, then the power goes out, which would be okay since we have laptops that are fully charged but you need power to have wireless Internet.  So Rich's connection is lost, 2 people before his pick.  My computer works because I have an air card, thank goodness, so I am on, Rich opens another screen and gets on to his team, so we continue the draft in the dark on one computer, good thing we didn't have back to back picks.  I get out flashlights, thank goodness I just organized our house and actually know where all flash lights are located!  I then make not one but two trips to Walmart for 2 packages of 9 Volt batteries in hopes of fixing the sporadic beeping of smoke detectors.  We replace the batteries in our room and Jolie's new room with the first set, things are quite for about 10 minutes.  Then the sporadic beeping starts again....I go to Walmart again and we replace the batteries in the smoke detectors downstairs and in Avery's room, we had just replaced the batteries in the two in the hallway a couple of months ago.  The power comes back at about 10:45 pm, Jolie is VERY happy as she doesn't understand why the TV doesn't work.  We get her in her bed with Rich, she isn't letting him leave.  They lay down, her smoke detector beeps, I go in, Rich resets.  We all get back in bed, 10 minutes pass and it beeps again, I get up, go in Jolie's room, Rich is standing on her bed resetting and Jolie is also standing on the bed giving Rich instructions.  We all go back to bed, it is almost midnight.  The beep happens again, I go in Jolie's room, Rich is now removing the smoke detector from the ceiling, unplugging the hard wire, he takes it down, it beeps, he removes the battery, it is still beeping....confused...Rich takes the smoke detector and puts in on the back porch, wrapped in three pool towels as it keeps beeping.  We all finally go to bed and get some rest, Rich spends entire night in Jolie's bed. 

My Dad is coming today to try to solve the mystery but right now we are down to 5 smoke detectors and Jolie will tell anyone who will listen that it beeps when it is dark, I am sure this is going to make for a GREAT time putting her to bed for awhile.  Thank you crazy smoke detectors, any suggestions let me know and I will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

All the smoke alarms in our house went crazy at 9 pm tonight then the power went out, we have one very scared 3 year old on our hands now, long night!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wanted to do a quick post to remember my grandmother today on what would have been her 86th birthday! We miss you and love you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So for some reason today has not been a good pregnant day, I have just felt very blah and my stomach just isn't quite right, it is kind of like all day morning sickness all over again.  All I know is I hope it goes away quickly.  My lovely husband and sweet daughter have just run off to the store to pick up a few things including some soup and crackers for Mommy, I will be eating that and resting in my bed for most the night.  I sure hope I can actually sleep tonight!!!

In other random news I hired the painter again to paint our Master Bedroom and Bathroom, he will be doing that on Sept. 3rd, which is Friday and then we will have our new adult furniture delivered on Saturday, so excited!!!  We are doing the bedroom and bathroom the same color as downstairs because we like it so much and he cut us a break for using the same color because he had 2 gallons leftover the last time so it worked out perfectly!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today is the primary election in Florida and I wanted to remind everyone to vote, I already went this morning and have my sticker to show for it, here it is (tried not to make it a total breast shot but they are getting bigger and I can't help it)!

Well Visit

This morning I took Jolie to the doctor for her 3 year old well check up, I know I am way behind but it isn't entirely my fault.  Right after her 3rd birth day she had a couple of colds and then we were on vacation and then when I tried to schedule her appointment they were very full because of back to school so today it was.  I have to say she did great, it started with her having a conversation with Dr. Anton about her new big girl room and her big bed, then she told him about her baby sister Avery, and then about her school, it was so cute, she is just so grown up, it is crazy.  So I don't forget her stats here they are:
She weights 35 lbs and is in the 78th percentile, she is 38 inches tall and in the 68th percentile (this is the first time she wasn't in the 90 something percentile but Dr. Anton says that is fine and that she will still probably be very tall and should be hitting a growth spurt soon), and she is in the 79th percentile for BMI.  She got one vaccine and did amazing, she didn't even cry at all and was excited about the band aid she got, it was cute!  Here is her picture at the doctor's office.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Officially a BIG Girl

So our sweet little girl is officially a BIG girl now!!  I didn't think that this day would come so quickly, it is hard to believe that she is already almost 3 and 1/2 but she is and she is a big girl with her very own official big girl room and a big girl bed.  That's right folks after weeks of cleaning up and out and rearranging practically our entire house Jolie spent her first night in her new room!  And let me tell you, she is in LOVE with it!  She told Rich and I numerous times last night and this morning how much she loves it!  I am so glad that it makes her happy but it makes me a little sad that she is grown up and sleeping in her very own queen size bed.  I still have a few things to put in there and some stuff to hang on the walls but once I am done I will post pictures.  Well, this week and weekend I will be finishing all the putting away and cleaning in preparation for our new master bedroom furniture, I have to say I am really excited about that too!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


So in the mist of all the cleaning up and cleaning out, Rich and I decided it was time for us to graduate to grown up master bedroom furniture.  We have always had a mix and match make do set as we have always spent the money else where but we finally decided to bite the bullet and buy ourselves nice furniture.  We figured since both of our kids had nice bedroom furniture.  It is being delivered on September 4th but now I am trying to convince Rich he should paint our bedroom before it comes, we shall see if that works out in my favor but at least I am getting the beautiful furniture I always wanted, here is a picture of the set.

The only difference is we got the low profile foot board so ours is slightly shorter.  But we got all the other pieces in the picture and I just can't wait for it to get here, it really is beautiful and very well made, this will be our bedroom furniture for the rest of our lives, especially at the price we are paying for it!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

So after a weekend away in Gainesville visiting the sorority house and making a few last minute touches for recruitment I returned home.  I came in kissed the hubby and daughter and then began doing a couple of things as our house still looks like a bomb went off after the painting last week.  Well I am in the kitchen over near where the garbage can is and I see a line on the wall that appears to be some sort of water mark, so I look around and that is when I look up, to see ripples in the top of the wall, obviously this is some sort of water leak, I think about what is above this spot upstairs.  Rich and I then decide it is the AC, it has to be, there is also a bathroom upstairs near there but we rarely use it, Jolie will have that as her bathroom after this weekend when we finish her move to her new room.  So we discover upstairs that yes we are correct, it is the AC, the drain must have gotten clogged and overflowed soaking the carpet and thus leaking downstairs, so we of course call my Dad, he really is the best handy man I know, he comes with the wet/dry vac and a coat hanger, he unclogs the drain and begins helping us empty the linen closet and Jolie's closet which are both wet on the bottom and sucking up what seems like buckets and buckets of water.  What a great way to return home!!  We have the AC guy (friend of Dad's) coming today to blow the whole drain line out and the painter will be back in about a week to fix the downstairs wall damage, what a pain!  But I guess it could have been worse, my Aunt had the same thing happen in her Chicago Condo while on vacation and it did over $20,000 of damage to her beautiful hardwood floors, we were lucky!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to the "Normal" Schedule

Well, it is official, the Perillo Family is back to the "normal" schedule, well as normal as things ever get with my crazy job, a three year old, and a baby on the way.  But Rich went back to school today, I couldn't really tell this morning if he was excited or not.  I think he kind of is and kind of isn't, I think he starts to get a little bored not working everyday but at the same time it is nice to have some down time but all that is over!  Jolie's first day of school at the Montessori is today so she has a new lunch box, of which she told everyone on the way into school that she had a new one and she was ready for school this morning, she even wanted to go to school yesterday, it is so cute, she really loves her school!  For me it just means that my mornings get a little crazier since Rich is now going to be pressed to get out of the house every morning.  But I have to say I am glad to get back to the normal and will be happy to see summer end as the heat of this summer is killing me, glad that when I am huge pregnant it won't be this hot, well hopefully not at least!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Painters

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we have had painters painting the majority of the inside of our house, I am really excited as I know it is going to look amazing and be great preparation for Baby Avery but goodness have we got a huge mess now.  Yesterday they painted all the downstairs and it looks GREAT, we were able to get most the furniture put back into place but we still have stuff to put back, right now it is stacked on the dining room table.  Today they did the stairwell, hallway, and half of Jolie's new room, thus far it looks amazing!!  However, we now have even more to do, I think between all the cleaning out and rearranging and doing the garage I am going to be busy every weekend from here until Avery is born, which is down to a mere 18 weekends total, that is CRAZY, it doesn't seem like nearly enough time to complete everything I have to finish.  We still have to buy a new dresser for our master bedroom, make the guest bath into the "kid's bath", put everything back from the painters, get the carpets cleaned, finish putting together both kid's rooms, reorganize our master closet, clean out and organize the garage, clean out both kid's closets, rearrange all the "office stuff" into baskets that are downstairs since we lost our office with the addition of another child's bedroom, get rid of all the extra clothes that don't fit in our room, the list just goes on and on and only 18 weeks to go, I need to start setting goals and getting on it and putting reminders into www.rememberthemilk.com, this is urgent!!!  Well maybe I shouldn't freak yet, I had even more going on before Jolie and I still managed to get it all done then, I know it will work out, it will be fine.  But I am getting a little nervous, it just seems a bit overwhelming with a full time job, an active 3 year old, and just the everyday house, wife, and mother duties that I have.

Monday, August 9, 2010


While reading "Working Mother Magazine" I find an article about what might be the GREATEST invention ever.  It is called www.rememberthemilk.com it is like a running to do list on the computer kept nice and neat for you.  You can separate personal and professional task and set deadlines or leave them until completed.  I have to say I am mildly addicted and it even sends you a text or e-mail to remind you of things that have to be done.  I am a list kind of girl so this is like heavenly plus I think it will force me to be more organized with another child coming.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baby Pictures

In the excitement of yesterday I totally forgot that we actually have pictures of Baby Avery so here she is....

And the proof that she is indeed a girl....

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Results are in.....

This morning we had our very big, very important ultrasound.  And the results are in, first the important stuff.  Baby Perillo II is doing great, is lying breech but that is no biggie now and since we are having a c-section it isn't the end of the world.  Baby Perillo II weights about 11 ounces and is right on target for growth, its heart looks good and sounds good and beats about 143 bpm which is in the normal range so everything went well.

Now for what I am sure everyone has been waiting for (I know I was awaiting this part) we also were able to find out the sex of Baby Perillo II, so here goes....

Jolie will be a Big Sister (that we all know) but she will be happy to know that she is going to have a Baby Sister.  That's right, Baby Perillo II is a girl and now has her own name.  Her name isn't going to be Baby Perillo II, it is.....
Avery Marie Perillo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boy or Girl?

So I have been thinking all day about this topic is Baby Perillo II a boy or a girl?  It is going to be such a long time til tomorrow....I also have been trying to come up with some really sweet, really cute way to tell everyone what we are having but I haven't come up with that yet either.  I will actually see all of my family members tomorrow night because my younger cousin is having a graduation party/going away party so it would be an okay time to tell everyone.  So if anyone has any suggestions that are quick and easy let me know.

Update and Countdown

I will start with the countdown because it is more exciting than the update, we have exactly 1 day until our big 20 week ultrasound where we should find out the sex of Baby Perillo II.  I have to say I am really excited about it.  I just can't wait to know the sex of the baby, I feel like it is just so important.  Even Rich says this is when it makes it so real for him, knowing what we are having and being able to call it by name.  We have talked and talked about names and have for sure decided on a boy name but the girl name is still in a little bit of limbo so once we know the sex we will finalize the name selection and share it with the world.  I have to say with Jolie I just knew she was a girl, well I may have even willed her to be a girl, I wanted a girl so badly it wasn't even funny, I would go on all the Chinese Birth Calender websites and everything and they all kept saying Boy and I would cry because I wanted a girl so badly, I know it is absurd but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  But this time I just don't have a "feeling" like I did with Jolie and so much of the Old Wives Tales point to Boy but the Chinese Birth Calender says Girl so I am confused.  I would like a boy only because Rich would love a son but at the same time we both love having a daughter so I really feel like either way we will be happy, we just want to get a healthy report tomorrow since this is the ultrasound when a lot of health issues can be discovered.  So wishing for a healthy baby tomorrow and we will see from there about the sex.

Update on the cleaning goes as follows:
I didn't do anything yesterday!!  I know I am bad but I just felt like relaxing and I figured since this is technically my vacation I would go ahead and relax.  I promise today I will be getting back in gear.  I am going to the dollar store and BJ's this morning with my Mom for some random items and then I will be back to cleaning upstairs.  I have to say the downstairs looks GREAT!!  My cousins are coming over this afternoon to see Jolie so that will give me even more time to get stuff done so that will be GREAT too.  So hopefully tomorrow there will be more to update on!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update on "The House"

So work is about finished at the sorority house and we passed our preoccupency inspection with a perfect score so that is amazing!  Here are a few pictures of some new things that we added to the house plus some pictures of the beautiful house....

These are the new letters we added on the back of the house so now when you are in the alley way you know where you are, this will be GREAT for recruitment.

This is a picture of the new stairs on the North side of the house, no more rusted out stairway, love it plus the really nice landscape that we added to the side of the house, it looks GREAT!!!

And finally, this is a picture of the outside of the house with our beautiful lawn that Papa Don has worked so hard on for so long!!  It truly looks amazing, I am so glad the every one's hard work has paid off!

Hope all my sisters that read my blog are as proud of our house as I am!

Vacation update, well more like housework update!

So here is the update to what got done yesterday.....
1.  Deep cleaned from top to bottom except floors of downstairs bathroom (I am doing floors today, I am borrowing my parent's steam clearer).
2.  Cleaned kitchen, including two cabinets and even orange glowed all the cabinet fronts (today I am going to clean all the decorative stuff on the top of the cabinets).
3.  Straightened up Jolie's downstairs toys (after her new room is ready a ton of them are going up there, we are going to start getting her to play in her room more now that she is going to have more room and she is getting to be more independent)
4.  Cleaned downstairs, have one small area to finish today (beside and the bottom of the the china cabinet is what is left)

I think I did pretty well as I also went the store and picked paint colors for Jolie's room and got boxes to pack things away for the painters.  Plus I did still take work calls and punched in orders.

I am hoping to get even more down today, the plan is the few things I mentioned above plus the upstairs hallway, linen closet, and laundry room.

Will update again in the morning

Monday, August 2, 2010

A week off....sort of

So I have a week's vacation this week although I use the word vacation loosely as I have a lot planned for the week.  I will be cleaning up and out as well as preparing for painters that will begin next week.  Beginning a week from today I have painters come to paint all of the downstairs, stairwell, upstairs hallway, and Jolie's new big girl room, and then depending on the sex of Baby Perillo II we will be having that room painted too.  On Friday of this week we have our big 20 week ultrasound where we hope to find out what Baby Perillo II is so I am really excited about that, I just don't have the feeling I did with Jolie of what this baby is but we have names pretty well picked out either way, we are set for sure on a boy name and are almost decided on the girl name.  I am hoping for a boy as I know Rich would love a son but a girl would be great too, although if we have a girl she is going to be living her life in hand me downs so for that fact alone I hope it is a boy.  After Friday I will know what I need to keep and what I can get rid of and that alone is exciting as I have spent the last 3 plus years just saving things "just in case", I haven't gotten rid of a single piece of clothing or anything.  Although today I will be cleaning out bottles and things like that as some of the ones that Jolie used were not BPA free as that wasn't a big thing when she was first born.

So here is the to do list for the week:
1.  Pick a paint color for Jolie's new room.
2.  Deep clean all three bathrooms and kitchen.
3.  Clean living room, including under the sofas and under the sofa cushions, pack up some of the pictures, etc. for the painters, it will make it much easier to move the furniture for next week.
4.  Clean out the china cabinet.
5.  Clean out master bedroom closet, get rid of tons of old clothes, pack up clothes that don't fit now but will have pregnancy, make room for Rich to have space in the master bedroom closet since Jolie will be taking over his closet.
6.  Clean master bedroom for paint, Rich is actually painting our room and bathroom since they are the least important and easiest instead of paying the painters more.
7.  Clean up and out Jolie's current room to make the move to the new room easier.

I think that is about it but as you can see it really isn't going to be much of a vacation because on top of all I have to do I will be taking calls for work.  Although as slow as work has been that shouldn't take up much time.