Monday, February 3, 2014


Life has been mighty busy in The Perillo House. My MIL has officially been in some sort of hospital type facility for two months today. As of the 9th she will be on a ventilator for two months. Needless to say the last two months have felt like an eternity. Rich has spent as much time as possible with his mother, which I totally believe is the best thing for both of them but it has been hard on all of us. Rich is exhausted from trying to balance work, family time, and sitting by his mom's side. The girls often miss their Daddy as we have spent a lot of time at my Mom's or just us girls. I have been running like crazy with the girls and still working my normal crazy days and hours. 

We continue to pray for Jackie's health and healing. We have seen a few improvements over the last week or so. We are hopeful this will continue. 

Right now the girls and I are all sick. We all went to the doctor today. The little girls have sinusitis. While Mommy has infected lymph nodes in my jaw area. In fact my face is swollen and in tons of pain. Why do I always end up with the oddest illnesses?  So we are all on antibiotics. In fact it is about 8pm and we are all curdled up in our own bed with our TV's on and medicines taken. We all hope to be feeling better tomorrow. We are all trying to stay away from Daddy as he can't see his mom if he gets sick and we don't want that. 

Our lives have been crazy and busy and stressful and full but we are hanging in there. Rich and I talk often about when and how we will ever get back to normal but somehow it is starting to seem like this might be our new normal. In my nearly 34 year life I have learned that it is best to embrace every season of life. While this is not the best part of life nor will it go down as my favorite season of my life, I have to say it has taught me a lot. I have learned that Rich and I have a true partnership and we truly are each other's rocks. We have now truly begun to live our wedding vows. For better, for worse have brought new meanings to the things we have seen over the last two months. I could have never imagined the things we have been through but the fact we have been through it all together is probably the most important thing. I hope that Rich truly knows I am his rock, that I will be there for him no matter what. That when things are at their toughest our relationship is at its best. 

I hope my next post, whenever that is, is on happier topics but this was my chance to just let my mind put its thoughts on paper. Thanks for listening, well reading but you get what j am saying.