Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain, rain go away....please don't come back on a work day!

So let's review my job....I get in my car, drive all around creation, stopping frequently at hotels, restaurants, and bars. I then get out of the car with my super cute red briefcase and a rolling bag full of wines for account to try, I know it sounds fun but this scenario is not focusing on the whole picture with my sales goals and the stress and pressure involved with that. This is meant to tell you it has rained every day this week and that my job is horrible in the rain. Yes, I have an umbrella, several in fact and again yes I have a rain coat, it is actually a super cute trench that on this lovely March day in Florida will make me sweat because coat weather has come and gone here in Tampa. So as I sit in my bed this morning in a mad debate on what is truly the best attire for a day full of massive rain storms I do know that the following applies:

1. If I wear regular length pants, I will inevitably end up with water soaked pants up to about my knees from my pants hitting the ground and the water traveling up, it is grosss I have experienced it on several occasions and thus learned that I will be wearing either shorter style more Capri pants, a skirt, or a dress.
2. No matter how hard I. Try I inevitably end up looking like a drowned rat so I don't put much time or effort into my hair or makeup for the day.
3. I take 2 umbrellas in the car this morning, just in case.
4. My Mom bought some cute, almost fashionable "water shoes" from LL Bean last year so I am almost certain I will be picking my outfit to match those today.

And then of course to absolute worst part of my day is the driving, while I have been driving 500+ miles a week for 7+ years so needless to say I am as use to most driving conditions that occur in Florida as anyone, however, it is the other people on the road that stress me out, completely dumb people take to the roads on days like today, they have no idea how to drive on a good day and choose today to get out there and go for their Sunday afternoon drive. I don't have anything to say as far as advice on this one other than look out and be careful. I am saying an extra prayer for myself and those of you that will be out and about as well. And last but not least probably my least favorite and most stressful part of a rainy weekday is having to drop Jolie off at school and also getting Avery inside at my Mom's....I hate to have either of them get wet at all but it happens, I think Jolie will be wearing her rain boots at least to school to dry to keep her out of the puddles and cause they are cute. And I will be zipping up Avery's car seat cover to try to keep her dry.

Well, after a Post totally dedicated to the fact. That I am over the rainy, nasty weather happening on a weekday, I actually wouldn't mind this for one weekend day as it is perfect sleeping, cuddling, watch movies weather and instead of staying home I am going to have to brave it and that makes me unhappy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Rambilings.....

So I have been busy, I know you aren't surprised seeing as though that seems to be all I talk about on my blog these days but I promise, I am through the worst of it and ready to talk other things, things like my kids. Like the fact I am plan Jolie's 4th Birthday Party or that Avery is just 3 months old yet wears 6 month clothes, needless to say she is growing like a weed. Last weekend we had my Welo's 90th Birthday Party (today is really his b-day, so Happy Birthday Welo) then Sunday we had Avery's Christening, it was such a beautiful little service at our church and a great get together party at my parent's house, however, it did make for a busy weekend. I could also talk about the adventures of being a working Mom that is constantly on the road but also still breastfeeding/pumping, not sure if my cute little family blog is ready for me to tell all about driving and pumping or about literal spilt milk...I think that might need to be a post all it's very own, later.
I could also talk about how I am going to 31 next week, can you imagine that just sounds old.....I am pretty sure I have spent most of my life thinking it was old, now I keep trying to tell myself it isn't that bad, we'll see if I can trick myself into thinking that. I will say recently I did get a compliment of sorts, this guy that works with my Dad says to him...."is that your daughter that just had a baby in December?". My dad says yes, the guy then says "she looks pretty good for just having a baby". As previously stated I am pretty sure that was a complement and at nearly 31 years of age I will take whatever I can get.
I could talk about all the pictures I have taken lately but haven't posted because I am still confused on how to get pictures on to the I-Pad and then into a post, I am just not technical like that, however next week Thursday on my birthday, better known to most of you as April 7th my very computer savvy Aunt is coming back to town so I plan on stealing her one day to fix all my computer issues, it should be great! Although the bad part is my Aunt is coming for my Grandma to have a pacemaker/defibulator put in on the 8th, it is going to make for a very low key b-day for me, which is fine by me. I really hope my Grandma does well and that after surgery she is ready to move around, travel, and just enjoy life, right now she is just getting winded too easily.
I do have a little bit of a funny story as well....tonight Rich and I were chatting and we were discussing my birthday and he says "well I am going to tell you what I was going to get you because I can't get it, there is no way and I thought you would really like it but just no can do". I of course think for a second, what could possibly be his plan? I am thinking maybe a concert ticket or maybe Jersey Boys as they are currently in town as well. He says "I was going to get you The Jersey Shore Mallard Phone but it is ancollector's item and at $189 is litterally sold out everywhere". Now as much as I love The Jersey Shore and subsequently love the sound of that duck phone it might very well be absurd to spend nearly $200 on it but I tip my hat to my husband, he is the best gift giver every, heck I am right you this post thanks to his amazing Christmas gift this very I-Pad. So I can't wait til next week to see what Plan B is.
Other than all of what I have already discussed plus work and the zoo of two children life is pretty good and calm right now. I plan to take my Mom to lunch on Saturday to thank her for all she does then Rich is going Saturday night to see the O's play the Rays and Jolie is going to Mimi and Poppy's for a sleepover and it looks as though little Avery and I will be doing some cleaning, I have a ton of kid's clothes to put away and move, they are both changing sizes...Jolie is going into 5T and Avery into 6 months so all of Jolie's stuff gets boxed and sent to Avery's closet and all of Avery's stuff gets boxed up and saved for my pregnant with baby triplets friend, Sarah, I am going to see her on the 16th so I want to have a ton of stuff for her. But I will be cleaning the house this weekend and cooking meals for my family and just overall doing the stuff I like the most! I love the chance to be a Mom and just feel as though I am doing the most important thing in life. I know my kids are in good hands any and every time I am away from them but boy I would so much rather get to be with them more...I am still playing the lotto in order to try to make that dream come true, will let you know if I get to call in rich anytime soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Where has all my time gone.......

Okay, not that I had a lot of free time in the last four years or so but in the last three months I haven't had time for anything. The month of March has been wild at is good because I am super busy which translates to more money which I am loving after coming back from maternity leave but I also am feeling the stress and the pressure of the whole full time, working, Mommy of two thing. I feel as though I am constantly just part way done with everything and that I spend at least fifteen minutes every morning moving the things I didn't get to on yesterday's agenda onto today's and there have been several times that just seem to get moved a lot. The moral of this entire story is work is crazy and got me busy and stressed, my house looks like a hurricane and/or tornado moved through, I haven't planned meals for the week, I have a million Phi Mu e-mails to send and well I am sure everyone reading this can understand.....there is just somethings that sometimes don't get done when you want them too.

The good news is I had a good weekend full of family. Jolie just had some amazing things to say this weekend, with really cool revelations for a three year old...she told me that Avery was a beautiful name and for that matter so was the name Mommy. She was thrilled when she found out Poppy was taking her to the zoo on Saturday, the two of them have really gotten great use out of their year passes. After going to the zoo with Poppy she then very sweetly and super nicely asked my parents for a sleepover and as no good grandparent can ever say no my parents jumped at the chance to have their sweet little granddaughter spend the night. My Dad even busted out Jolie's Island which is an old comforter that Jolie plays on in the backyard and gets to take off her shoes and then isn't allowed to leave it. With the BIG full moon on Saturday night they apparently lied there for a really long time and looked at it in awe. While Jolie was in zoo mode I took Avery with me and Mom to the salon for a much needed hair cut and dye job for myself and then a little shopping. It was nice and Avery thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the salon....she slept for part of it and then ate a bottle for the rest.

Sunday....we got to sleep in, thanks to the Grandparent Sleepover...she also did a quick trip to my MIL's for a visit and then we did a little family dinner at my Mom's house in honor of my Grandmother, that was an amazing family time and for a few hours in the week I forgot about how busy I have been or the things I hadn't gotten to and I just enjoyed time with my family. On the note of my Grandma....if you are reading this I could use a little prayer for her, tomorrow morning she will be having a heart cath done to look for any blockage so I just prayer and a safe procedure and speed recovery for her, she will be having a second procedure on April 8th so please include her in your prayers for the next few weeks.

So that was last week...this week...I have two late work nights, two ride with's, and a meeting in the office on Friday a fairly normal week there but then add on top of all that my Grandma has her deal tomorrow, my Grandfather is having a 90th Birthday party on Saturday with over 100 guest and I pretty much planned the whole thing solo and have to help play hostess at, and then on Sunday is Avery's baptism and then a part at my Mom's house which I am again pretty well responsible for as no shock when I don't write for a while. I will leave you with the thought of I swear to post pictures one day soon but I am currently laying in my bed hoping the quiet means all children are a sleeping typing away on my no picture I-pad....will post pics soon, swear!!!!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Week....

Thank goodness the weekend is here, this last week has just been so crazy two days of down time sounds amazing! March is traditionally the busiest work month of the year for me and that is true this year as well. My work week was made further insane with Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) being this week. Monday I ran around making sure everything was set up, all products were in place at the accounts around the parade route and that we were ready to run three wine tents and the VIP area come Tuesday. Tuesday was a crazy day, I did the normal work stuff then headed to Dunedin to set up for Mardi Gras on Main Street, we set up, we sold and poured wine, I didn't get home until after midnight. That night made me realize I am getting old and late nights like that are going to kill me, the best part was I wasn't even drinking, I had one beer the entire night, I am just old and already tired from being a working Mom. Wednesday was rough, I was my Grandma had a big doctor's appointment about her heart so I was stressed about that and then the worst part of my day I had to attend the Durham of my other grandmother's sister. My Aunt Hilda was the last remaining of her siblings, my Uncle Frank passed away about 11 years ago and my Grandmother passed away last year so it was just a sad, odd feeling to know they are all gone now. I will miss Aunt Hilda but I know she is in a much better place now as her suffering in this world was great after having a massive stroke just a few weeks ago. So Wednesday was was difficult. My Grandma will be having a pacemaker/defibulator put in her heart on April 8th to make her left side of her heart pump because right now it is only pumping at that has the whole family stressed. Then Thursday and Friday were crazy work wise and now we are to the weekend and I am just relaxing with the kids and husband, although I have cleaning and grocery shopping to do as well as meal planning to do for the week but at least I can most of that in my pj's with no makeup on!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch Up

So I have so much catching up to do....things have been super crazy lately. I am getting into the routine of a working Mom of 2 and it seems to be feeling a little easier but still so much. I pretty much spend the weekend setting us up for the week ahead and catching up from the previous week. However, this weekend was a little different, poor little Jolie got very sick with the stomach flu and spent the weekend throwing up and running to the bathroom. This began rit as I pulled dinner out of the oven on Friday night and she even stayed home from school today with Rich. It was plain awful at our house this weekend. Rich stayed with sick Jolie and I took care of Avery. I even went to my Mom's Saturday afternoon and spent the night there along with Avery Saturdaytrying to prevent the spreading of Jolie's illness. So far we have been sucessful. Sunday I spent all day cleaning and disinfecting our house, thank goodness for Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner, I think I might be addicted to that stuff! So today I am already exhausted and have a huge work event tomorrow night and will be working until about mid-night. Not to mention last week both the kids and I had horrible allergy attacks on Wednesday Night little Avery was having a rough time of it fussing and just unhappy, she is better now. It has just been crazy at work, this is the busiest month of the year and I am feeling it!

In extended family Dad's Mother's only sister and last living member of her family's siblings passed away on Saturday night after suffering a massive stroke on the 21st of Feburary. It is really making me worry about my soon to be 90 year old Grandfather as well as my Mom's Mom who is getting older too, it is a really sad thought that they won't be here forever.

This week is crazy too but baby Avery is growing like a weed and doing well, she laughs and smiles it makes my heart smile. She is kicking and wiggling like crazy and just getting so big.

I promise to post more and get pics up soon but things have to calm down a little.