Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spilling the Beans, Part I

So today is the day we have decided to tell my parents about Baby Peanut coming in December of this year. Still not sure how we are going to tell them but I just know they are going to be excited as my Dad asked for his birthday in February for another grandchild, so it wasn't for his birthday but Peanut will be here in time to be his Christmas present.

I think I am going to print a copy of the picture of the three pregnancy test we took, put it in a frame and wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper and just tell them that we wanted to let them know about their Christmas present a little in advance. We will see how it goes and if that is what we do but it should be fun, I am super excited. Rich will tell his Mom in a couple of weeks, probably, the timing of that is up to him but I am ready to tell my parents, knowing for 10 plus days and not telling them is already killing me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nobody knows....and today's update.

I think I forgot to mention thus far that no one knows that I am pregnant, I am waiting til after Monday's doctor's appointment to tell anyone but I am keeping my thoughts organized on this blog so that once I tell everyone they can begin reading of our journey to two kids instead of one.

Today I am feeling a little sick so I am worried that this is a bad sign. My throat is to sore I can barely sallow and I must have slept weird because my left hip is crazy sore. Although Rich was kind enough this morning to rub some bio-freeze on my hip and give me an almost extra hour this morning in bed by myself, I can honestly say it was truly amazing and probably one of the nicest things he could have done for me today. Now Rich had gone over to my Grandma's house to mow her lawn and do all the trimming and stuff at her house, Rich is such a nice guy to be helping my family out like that because my Grandma's old lawn guy charged her way too much and this way my Dad doesn't have to do it, he is such a good guy.

I think Rich is starting to realize we really are pregnant, at first I think he was in denial. Although it is funny when we talk about how far along we are because he doesn't understand that they start counting from your last period before you even conceive, the doctor is going to have to explain it to him on Monday, he isn't taking my word for it so Monday he might get it, I guess he doesn't remember all this from Jolie. He often jokes about how all he remembers is after Jolie was 6 months old. Wonder what he will remember this time? I am so lucky though to have such a great husband that takes such good care of Jolie and me and is worried about our unborn child.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us your life....How you met your husband...

So Kelly over at Kelly's Corner does really fun things every week called "Show Us Your Life", each week has a different theme and sometimes I don't really have much to share but this week is "How you met your husband". So here is the story of how I met Rich...

It was December of 2002 when I had broken up with the loser boyfriend I had been with for about a year and one of the girls I worked with was getting married in January. I had a great friend that I also worked with named Erica, her husband Lui was also a great friend and they were excited to know that I was no longer with the loser. So then I went to Erica and Lui and said hey we all have to go to that wedding in January and I really don't want to have to go by myself. So Lui pipes in with "I know the perfect guy, he works for me, and he would be just perfect for you". I kindly reply "I don't need perfect, I just need a date for this wedding". So Erica and Lui arrange a little dinner at a local restaurant/bar for the four of us on the Tuesday before the wedding so that we can meet before sending an entire day/evening together for the wedding. Rich had already agreed with Lui to go to the wedding. So Tuesday came and I got all dressed perfect, bought a new outfit, had my favorite neighbor do my hair and make-up. I was excited to be meeting someone new and hopefully for what might become of the relationship, I of course showed up fashionably late so he was waiting on me, not the other way around. We had a great time over some dinner and drinks with Erica and Lui. Our friends had a babysitter for there 4 year old so they couldn't stay out late so they left around 9:30. Rich and I were having such a great time that we went on to another more "late night bar" and we ending up sitting there talking, sipping drinks until they closed at 2 am. Time just seemed to fly that night, he gave me a kiss goodbye and said he would call before the wedding. That very next day (Wednesday) he called and asked if we could go to lunch together on Thursday, I said yes. We just clicked from the beginning, I really knew within the first few days that he was the one and that we would be together forever, it was truly a magically time in my life. We went to lunch that Thursday and then to the wedding on Saturday which began our dating and we dated steadily that first year, broke up for a little while but remained friends and then got back together in the beginning of 2006 and dated until we got engaged at the end of 2006 and married in Febuary of 2007. We then welcomed our beautiful daughter in May of 2007 and our expecting number 2 in December of this year!!!

The Gym

Today was an unusual Friday as normally I have meetings and spend half the day in the office but this week my boss is on vacation and I don't need anything at the office so I got to go to the gym. At Christmas last year I decided that I wanted the gym to be a big part of 2010 for me. I wanted to loose weight and get in better shape so I got a gym membership from Rich for Christmas and I did a really good job for a while of going almost daily. After my Grandma died my life got even busier and I kind of gave up on the gym but now that I am pregnant I am really trying to get back into the routine of going. My big fear of this pregnancy is that I am going to gain 6o pounds again (of which I still haven't lost all of what I gained with Jolie) so I am determined to be so much healthier this time around. I am eating better and going to the gym! I had an amazing workout this morning.....I did the treadmill and the bike and then some weight training (low weight, high repetition), I feel amazing!! I am really feeling pretty good thus far through the pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I have moments of throwing up and nausea, which with my job isn't always fun or easy but at least I am moving along. It is amazing to know that I am growing another living being in my womb. Being a Mom is the greatest thing I have ever done and I can't wait til the moment I get to hold my baby, I am so excited!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor's Appointment and Questions

So I forgot to mention that we are counting down the days to our first prenatal doctors appointment. It is Monday, April 26th at 10:30 am, we are going to the same OB practice that we went to with Jolie so I feel like I am an old pro at how that office works, there are several waiting rooms and you have to give a urine sample when you get there for each visit and there is a special way you mark your cup and there is just an order to everything and I actually feel like I know what to expect which is so different than with Jolie. When I went there for the first appointment with Jolie I felt like I was lost so I am really looking forward to knowing what is going on. Although the funny part is I feel as though I have so many more questions this time than I did with Jolie, you would think I remember everything and that I would be less nervous but that isn't the case.
So I thought I might share some of my questions now and then I will give the answers to them next week after I ask the Doctor on Monday.
- How far along am I really? My last period started March 1st but I know we didn't conceive until April 3rd (will tell that story another day).
- Will I be having a C-Section again for sure?
- Will we be having the amino again with this baby?
- And probably the scariest question....Are we having twins? I ask because I have had two dreams about twins and I feel like I am showing already and I didn't with Jolie....crazy I know but I have to know.
- What is the best way to help Jolie get use to the idea of being a Big Sister? I have read a lot about this but I want the OB and my Pediatrician to help with this.

So this is going to be a busy day on Monday because on top of the BIG doctor's appointment we also have Jolie's IEP Meeting with what is going to be her new speech therapist and we will receive her schedule for services and her start date with Child Find. I am actually really happy about this as she as well as Rich and I get so frustrated sometimes when we don't understand what she is saying and asking for. We have gotten pretty good at figuring it out but we aren't quite there yet, plus all this will make it so other people with understand her and we don't feel like we are constantly translating for her. I will keep everyone filled in after Monday.

Also Rich and I are working on when and how we are going to tell our parents that they have another Grandchild on the way. I just know my parents are going to be so excited about this baby because in February for Dad's birthday when I asked him what we wanted for this birthday he told be another grandchild so he will be thrilled with having another right around Christmas!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So this is the beginning of me coming clean and telling everyone what is going on. Well, if you couldn't tell by the pregnancy ticker at the top of the blog Rich and I are expecting number 2!!! We are due December 25, 2010 but will probably have our bundle of joy shortly before Christmas as we are going to be having a scheduled C-Section since I had a C-Section with Jolie. We are getting really excited and I especially can't wait to meet our new baby. Rich and I have had many discussions about what we think we are having and this is what we think.
Rich would love to have a boy, I mean what man doesn't dream of having a son to play catch with, coach at little league, and just be there buddy. However, Rich is convinced that we are having another girl, which he is happy with as he has come to love being the Daddy of a little girl, that is such a special relationship. I of course would love another girl, they are so fun and cute, dressing them up is a blast and shopping with them and for them is a blast. Once again however, I think that Baby Perillo II is a boy. I just already feel so different with this baby then I did with Jolie. When I was pregnant with Jolie I felt nausea quite a bit but only actually vomited a few times. This time I spent most of yesterday, already part of today in the bathroom sick, which is not good or fun with my job, as I told Rich yesterday I think I hit most of the rest rooms on Clearwater Beach yesterday. So time will tell what the gender of Baby Perillo II is for right now he/she will be known as peanut!!!