Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, so we are officially surviving in the Perillo House but let me state for the record that it has not been easy to survive!  I had my surgery last week Tuesday, it turned out to be a little more complicated than originally projected, which should come as no surprise because it feels as though that is how things go in the Perillo House.  But I have basically laid around for the last six days in a great deal of pain, far more pain than either of my c-sections or for that matter more pain than any other surgery I have EVER had.  I by no means thought I would be down for the count like this but it is what it is.  I can't bend, I can't lift anything, I can barely change positions without assistance and all I can say to all that is I thank God for my husband!  My husband has successfully run our household and cared for both of our children and me and done it well.  He has prepared all our meals, cared for our 6 month old baby, taken care of our 4 year old, done laundry, cleaned, and did anything and everything else that needed to be done, including dealing with a wife laying in bed in agony which is no easy task.  I can't thank my husband enough for everything he has done, he surely deserves some sort of medal or possibly A LOT of medals!!  So we are surviving around here but I am not up for much blog posting so this is all you get for now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Had my surgery yesterday, I am alive but barely, this is the worse pain I have ever had! My c-sections didn't hurt this bad! Will do real post tomorrow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mid Week Update

Okay, so maybe the title is slightly misleading since we are really one day past midweek but how exciting is a title like "One Day Past Midweek Update". Anyways, on to the update. Jolie continues with swim camp and is loving it, I actually have a picture to share but I am on the I-Pad so that will have to wait. But she is doing really well and even has been jumping off the diving board and doing great.

Rich is finished with work for the year and is home for the summer, he will be watching Avery for the summer so he will still be very busy. Avery will be 6 months old tomorrow...that just doesn't even seem possible. But she is doing great in her first two days home with Daddy.

I have yet to get much done while at home because I haven't felt very well. I saw the surgeon yesterday and he found the same hernia that my primary care physician had found last week. The surgeon went ahead and scheduled surgery for Tuesday of next week and then also ordered a CT Scan for tomorrow to get a full idea of the scope of the surgery Tuesday. I have pre-op scheduled for Monday morning. I am glad to know they will be fixing all this but a little nervous for the procedure itself as well as the recovery process. I am not suppose to lift anything over 15 lbs. for 3 weeks to a month and I have an almost 20 lb 6 month old so the logistics of that makes me super nervous. So we'll see how all that goes. But it should help with the pain and bulge in my stomach area so that is exciting! I will be home with Rich and Avery until July 5th and Jolie is going to NC with my parents on the 25th. I will be missing a sorority conference in Atlanta the weekend of the 24th but nothing I can do about it, as this surgery is somewhat of an emergency.

Well, that is it for mid week in the Perillo House, we are just trying to enjoy the first week of summer!

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day of Swim Camp

Today was Jolie's first day of swim camp, I can't even begin to tell you how excited she was.  In fact, her excitement started at about 1:30 am this morning when she was in my room asking me when she was going to swim camp?  I of course quickly explained to her it was the middle of the night and not time for swim camp!  Rich had fallen asleep on the couch and wasn't in our bed so I let her crawl into our bed because I figured it was going to be easier than trying to get her to go back to sleep in her own bed.  Then of course not long after I got all that settled and back to sleep myself, Avery woke up in the middle of the night a little before 3 am, so then I was up for that feeding.  So needless to say Momma didn't get a very good night's sleep!  Good thing I started vacation today!

But this morning at 9 am Jolie started her first day of Swim Camp at Berkley Prep, the school my Aunt and Uncle teach at, they gave her two weeks of Swim Camp for her Birthday, what a great gift.  We went to the gym to finish her registration and see Jolie's Aunt Ciara who works there in the summer and pick up her Camp T-Shirt, she really liked that.  We then headed over to the pool for her to start her lesson.  Her group this week only has 5 kids in it and there are 6 instructors so obviously she got a ton of one on one attention and latched on to one teacher in particular named Corey, she was so sweet with Jolie.  Today they evaluated their level of swimming which with Jolie is okay for her age but we want her to get even better.  Jolie is not at all afraid of the water but needs to learn more how to get herself from point A to point B.  So they started with blowing bubbles and learning to go under the water and Jolie did pretty well except she wanted to keep jumping in the water, it was kind of funny.  She also did a lot of kicking while holding on to the edge and even her kicking is already getting better.  But I think by the time she is done with the two weeks she will be doing really well and we will be trying to keep her in the pool all summer and practicing all she has learned.  I will say though that it is amazing how hot it is outside at 9 am outside....I left the pool after the hour camp in a power sweat from sitting out there watching her!  She of course was cool as a cucumber from being in the pool.  I then took her to school and dropped her off there and she couldn't wait to tell everyone that she had been at swim camp, she just loved it and that was so sweet to see!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our weekend and this next week.....

So last week was a crazy busy week, I had work events and just tons going on. Not to mention Rich had the last of his final exams on Monday so that was stressful. Good news is that Rich passed all three of his exams so he is officially done and we can enjoy our summer!!!

Now, onto the big thing going on in our lives, well really my life. After being pregnant twice and carrying larger than normal babies, I now have a fairly severe ventral hernia in my middle abdomine. Well, let's go back, I have had three hernias for literally my entire life one on top of the other straight up from my bellybutton, I have always known about them and been able to feel them and all that, I never had any problems with them, ever, I have done everything I wanted, no issues. Well, now there are issues, after having Avery they didn't feel the same but I didn't think much about them...until earlier this week when all of a sudden there was a hard bulge in my stomach just above my bellybutton that hurts pretty bad all the time but most especially when I laugh, cough, or lift anything. So I went to the doctor on Thursday and the only solution is surgery and they tuck everything back in and then put a mesh screen to keep it from popping again. There are two surgical options one is traditional cut method and one is with small laproscopic insitions. So on Wednesday we are going to meet with the best hernia surgeon in Tampa to discuss all the options. So this week I am on vacation and I thought my vacation was going to be all about taking Jolie to swim lessons which start tomorrow morning and then cleaning, organizing the house and just general getting things done. Instead I am taking pain killers and medication for nausea to try to treat the hernia symptoms until we can get to the surgeon appointment and get a surgery scheduled which at this point seems way too far away!!!

So the weekend was super chill in The Perillo House as I really haven't felt well and I just take pain pills every 6 hours just to get through, not to mention the hard part is caring for my kids as I am not suppose to be lifting anything as it can cause even more damage to my stomach and intestine. I did however, tell Rich that it would be great if they could just go ahead and do a tummy tuck while they fixed the hernia but he didn't think that was as good of an idea as I did so don't think that is going to fly! So all that is going on here is medicine and pain and me struggling to get things fun! Wednesday can't come fast enough, just want to have the plan and get it done, will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I forgot to mention.....

I don't know how I did it but I totally forgot to mention that I finally got my wedding rings back last Saturday. While I was pregnant with Avery my hands swelled real bad and I had to get them cut off my fingers. I waited months, just over five after Avery was born to have them fixed but I picked them up on Saturday morning from the jewlers and they look brand new and amazing, so glad to have them back!!!!

Back up and running.....

So after all my picture posts on Monday I must have posted so much that it broke our Internet and it has been broken all week so this is my first chance to write anything all week. Although the bad part is I really don't have that much to write about. This week although a short work week due to the holiday has felt like one of the longest weeks ever! It was the end of the month on Tuesday so that was crazy busy, I have a lot going on at work that I won't even go into as it is just really a mess that no one wants to hear about, I have a ton of events and functions going on and it is crazy. Not to mention this was the week that Rich had to take two out of his three final exams so that made life a wild ride with him working all day then running to make his exams. The good news is he passed both of the ones he took and just has one left to take on Monday. Plus he is really happy to be down to a week left of school for the year, he is for sure ready for the year to end!!!!

Today it is just Avery and I at home and we have a full on to do list of things to doubt I am tired and really don't feel like getting anything done, is that bad of me?