Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick Little Girls

It has been a long 10 days or so in the Perillo House. Avery got super sick, sinus infection, ear infection, and a fever. From there it went to her lungs and she got thrush. So for the last 10 days we have been on two antibiotics, steroids, thrush medicine, breathing treatments, and all kinds of things. Avery is finally doing much better after a battle, she spent a week and two days out of school and with my Mom and Rich, I don't really have time off yet. Now, yesterday Jolie came home from school with a fever, so it looks like we are doing this all over again, hopefully not as bad though. Jolie, Avery, and Rich are all off of school next week with Spring Break so hopefully that will be enough time for recouping from the illness for the girls, and I pray Rich doesnt end up sick as well. I came down with something myself Thursday, so I have drank what feels like a hundred bottles of PowerAde, sucked on a ton of Cold-Ese, taking several Advil Cold, and some Nite Quil. Hopefully, all that will put me on the mend for Monday as I have another busy week ahead. I sure hope everyone in out house recovers quickly!!!!

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