Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Avery's First Day of School

On Monday of this week my baby went to school for the first time, she looked so cute and she did so well!  I took the picture below right before we left for school on Monday morning, she even had her little coat and a lunch box that looks like a bumble bee that isn't in the picture.  When Rich picked her up they said she did GREAT, I even called and checked on her at noon just to be sure she was okay.  The only thing she is still working on is napping on her mat, she has been use to napping in a crib so this will be her hardest transition but she will get the hang of it.

While Avery has been going to school all week Jolie is still in NC with my parents.  They sent this picture of her on Monday afternoon, she is having a blast!!

It is really cold up there so she hasn't gotten much chance to play in the snow but she has had a blast and has been keeping my Mom and Dad VERY busy, I think they will need a vacation from their vacation with Jolie!!

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