Sunday, January 29, 2012

Semi-Homemade and Target Dollar Spot

So as a quick update things are going well....we have just been crazy busy!  My new job is great, I really love it, I have a ton to learn and there are days I feel completely in over my head but it is a great adventure and is a challenge I am enjoying.

On to my little Semi-Homemade Projects and some finds in the Dollar Spot at Target....

First off, my MIL had been in the hospital but is home now and trying to recover.  So to do something nice for her I made some of these delicious chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, I had made them during the holidays and they were a huge hit so I figured it would be a great pick me up for her.  Not to mention they are super easy to make, especially since I use a few short cuts.  Here is a picture of the supplies I started with, actually I had already started so you see a few cookies already baked and cooling.
All I do is buy the Toll House Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (follow the baking directions on the package).  I let them cool and then I use a butter knife and put a generous amount of Chocolate Frosting on one cookie and then put another cookie on top making a sandwich.  Below is the final product.
This is a great treat that takes less than 30 minutes start to finish!!

So this weekend I decided to do just a little Valentine's decorating in our house.  Since one of the mail accent colors in our house is red it is pretty easy to make V-Day stuff go with that.  While at Target yesterday I bought two small heart wreaths in hopes of adding some ribbion (that I had left over from Christmas projects) to connect them and make a little bigger statement on the front door.  Here is the picture of what I had to work with.
However, as I got started I realized that the little ribbon hanger at the top of the wreaths was long enough to use to attach them, perfect, this made it really quick and easy, I created a little door decor for $5.00 and 5 minutes of my time, here is the finished product.
Okay, two things, I tried to fix the orientation of the picture and blogger hates me and won't let me, the other thing is don't pay attention to the dirt all over my front door....I have already told my husband that we need to bust out the pressure washer but at least the little wreath is cute!!!

I also bought two little hand towels for the guest bathroom downstairs and hung those, they are cute and simple and for $2.50 well worth the money, don't you think?

My last project of yesterday was finding something to put the kid's hair accessories in, they were every where, it was insane.  So I had this little wine bucket sitting around that a supplier from my former job gave me in a gift bag during the holidays.  I really had no use for the little bucket as I have a ton of others but this one did have a unique shape that I thought would be perfect as a bucket holder for the kid's hair bows.  So I took the little bucket and some red spray paint I had left over from Avery's birthday party outside and I got to work.  Here is what it look like as I started.

Not the best picture as I had it on a plastic bag to start spray painting but you get the idea.

Here is the final product, filled with bows, as you can see we don't need anymore hair things in our house!

Then for a future project, towards the end of next month I also bought this, I know at The Dollar Spot if you don't buy it when you see it, it won't be there when you need it or want it.  So I will add a bow to this to make it hang on the front door but that will be in another post.

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