Sunday, July 15, 2012

Great Weekend

Rich and I have made it a point to start doing more on the weekend to get the kids out of the house and doing more. So this weekend on Saturday we took a family trip to the mall. We started in Dick's getting Jolie signed up for cheerleading, she is so excited. From there we walked around, browsed a few stores, I bought 2 shirts at Macy's one orange and one blue to gear up for football season. Then we took the kids to the play area to run and jump and have fun, they lived it. We then ate lunch at the food court. After that we came home for naps and I straightened the house up a little. Jolie then went for a sleepover with my MIL. Rich and I enjoyed watching an exciting, extra innings baseball game. And then we went to bed! Today Rich played golf this morning, I am so glad he got out with the boys for a little while. While he was gone Avery and I hit Tarhget for some random stuff. Then it was nap time. After nap Rich was back and we went to the pool with the girls for a little while. We got about an hour of swimming in before the weather moved in. Then it was a quick bath for the girls and then the girls and Rich watched a kids movie while I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner and wrote this post. It was a great weekend! Now we are back to it all tomorrow and a super busy work week.

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