Monday, June 25, 2012

When it Rains it Pours....

So I have been meaning to write this post for well over a week and this is the title of the post I had in my head, although now it is not only fitting to all that is going on in our lives but also to the weather outside. The last two weeks have just been one crazy event after another. It started two weeks ago when we made some changes in positions and titles at work, it was a crazy few days but the good part is I still have a job with the same pay I had, I breathed a sigh of relieve there. Then it was the construction starting on our house to fix the builder defect we have lived with for 7 long years. Next month they will start drilling to repair the sinkhole we have at our house. Last week Monday, I came home from work to discover our AC has not working, super long story short it turns out the construction crew covered our AC unit and it couldn't get enough air so it blew up the capacitor. At 10:30 that night someone was here fixing it. My MIL has been in the hospital for 10 days as a result of her ongoing battle with COPD. My husband has been dividing his time between time with her and time at home, thank goodness he has been off work most the month. At the same time Rich's mom went to the hospital Jolie had her tonsils out. She has done great and should be fully recovered by Friday of this week, that will be her 2 week mark. There were a few rough days with her and some heart wrenching moments of her crying in pain but we are much better now. Avery has been good except for some reason last night when she wanted to play from 11:30 pm until 5 am, it was a long night. Thank goodness my husband took most of the time with her and I got the tail end. Needless to say we were moving super slow this morning, I am on vacation this week so at least I wasn't hearing the alarm this morning at 4am like normal. Yesterday I bought a new car so that was half the day in a car dealership but I will say going in the rain did proof beneficial as I got a great deal on a car I really like. I got a Chevy Equinox and it has the new car smell that makes me so happy, wish you could bottle that smell, the car wash has an air freshner called new car but it just isn't the same! While we are talking about shopping we also bought a new TV for our living room, that was Rich's Father's Day gift that he now refers to as the son he never had, too funny! I went furniture shopping on Saturday morning and got a console to put the TV on and to hold the equipment that goes with the TV, it is so nice, it has sliding doors and drawers and matches our other pieces well. We are going to do a little more rearranging this week so I plan to make a trip to Ikea later this week. The rest of the week I plan on cleaning up and cleaning out my house. With as busy as I have been the little things have been neglected so this is my chance. As you can see it has been a little crazy around here. The weather outside feels just like the storm of events that have been going on within our four walls.

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