Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks: Day 19

Day 19, November 19th:
Today I am thankful for so much as I have been all month but I have to say I am thankful that my Mom and Dad are keeping Jolie for Rich and I.  Since Mom and Dad are watching Jolie and today was pay day for Rich we have decided to have a little dinner date, I am really excited to get to go out just Rich and I and have dinner, it is really exciting.  However, when we get home from dinner we are cleaning up our master bedroom and bathroom but it will be a night for just the two of us to hang out so I am okay with that.  So in all I am just thankful for some one on one time with my husband, it doesn't seem as though we get much of that and I know with another baby on the way there won't be much husband and wife time for Rich and I, so I am thankful that we get one night together.

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