Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanks: Days 20-22

November 20th, Day 20:
So on Saturday I was super sick, I even thought there was a possibility that I was dying as I was throwing up all morning, it wasn't cool.  But I have to say thanks to my Mom I powered through and we pretty much finished Avery's nursery, there are still some things to be painted and hung on the wall but it is cleaned up and pretty well put together, it was a lot of work as when we did stuff to the rest of the house Avery's room became the dumping ground for everything I was unsure of where I wanted to put it.  But praise the good Lord it is all pretty well down except for 2 boxes that I have to go through and put away that are sitting in my master bedroom.  So I am thankful for my last major pre-baby project being checked off the list.

November 21st, Day 21:
After being super ill on Saturday my wonderful husband insisted that I spend the day relaxing so he watched Jolie for me and I got the chance to lay around and feel better, it was amazing!!  I got to catch up on reading magazines and watching TV, got in a nap and got to lay down and try to make my back feel better, it was amazing!!  Again my wonderful husband saves the day!!!

November 22nd, Day 22:
My Aunt from Chicago flew in late last night and will be here spending the Thanksgiving holiday with us and I have to say I am very thankful for that, I haven't seen her since the spring of this year and I am just so excited that she will be spending the holiday with us, although I wish she was able to come for Christmas and see Avery it is so nice to have her here and we are working on a return trip for her in the early part of next year to meet baby Avery so that will be great too!!

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