Monday, August 15, 2011

Is that the flux capacitor????

So, this morning I called the AC repair person....they came around noon. The guy was real nice and got straight to work, trying to find the problem. It wasn't long before he informed me that the same capacitor we had replaced 4 years ago had again gone bad, and of course this little tiny part ain't cheap, that is always the luck around here it seems. So after less than an hour of the guy working and nearly $500 later the AC is fixed and I have to say it feels nice and cool as I sit and type. However, this morning and well all night last night it was a blazin' hot in this house, it was all I could do this morning to pack up myself and Avery and get out of here to go to my Mom's house to get ready for work. I have to say I was blasting the AC in the car all the way over to my Mom's.

I had to laugh about the whole capacitor thing because every time I even hear that word (which isn't often) I think of Back to the Future and the flying/time machine better known as a delorian...those movies really were some of the very best of the 80's. I mean who doesn't know those movies? I know I get a little excited when I see the three part seris come on TV on a random weekend.

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