Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thankful for a weekend.....

So this week I have to say I am so thankful for the weekend. It has just been so busy, we had the AC issue Sunday into Monday, Rich went back to work, I had crazy happenings at work, and it was just so overall busy! Then this next week Jolie starts VPK on Tuesday and I am sure it will be very busy as Rich starts actually teaching and my job is busy right now.

In order to recover from last week and prepare for next week I am just so glad to have today and tomorrow to relax and hang out with my family. Today, Rich is playing golf this morning and I am playing with the girls. Right now as I type Avery is playing in her step and play piano and Jolie is making a picture out of stamps. They are both quiet and happy which is awesome as I just feel like I need 5 minutes of sitting and having peace. This afternoon after Rich gets home we are taking the girls swimming in the pool, so that too will be fun. Then Rich and I are going to do takeout for dinner and we will probably watch Jersey Shore on DVR after the girls go to bed. I am going to start picking up the house in a little bit this morning but I will do the bulk of the heavy cleaning tomorrow along with a grocery store run tomorrow. Then Rich is going to grill out some ribs for dinner, yum! Then it is prepare clothes and stuff for the week and that will be the end of our weekend.

I was thinking about it the other day....I really want to know who decided that the work week should be 5 days and the weekend only 2 days? I think it should be 4 days for working and 3 days for playing, that would make things so much more equal and balanced. Every time I get a 3 day weekend it makes me feel so much better, rested and more productive because then it is easy to have a nothing/rest day and you still have 2 other days to get things done like cooking and cleaning. It is just a thought but I think everyone would be happier and more productive!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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