Monday, December 19, 2011

Avery at One

It is just so hard to believe but on Saturday, Avery Marie Perillo turned one! All I can say is WOW, this year has flown by and been full of so many new adventures for us as a family of four, I will say I wouldn't trade the craziness for anything in the world, I love my life and my family more than words could ever express. As usual I am struggling just to keep my head above water so I am on the iPad so I am writing this post with no pictures but I promise to add some later.

It is so hard for me to believe that it has already been a year since you came into our family but at the same time I just can't imagine our family without you. You are a funny little girl, you have some of the funniest facial expressions and your little personality shines right through them. Much like your Mommy you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You smile and laugh when you are happy but oh boy when you are mad you let everyone know! You are a great eater and sleeper. You love to feed yourself but we can't put a plate of food in front of you because you will try to shove it all in your mouth at once and choke yourself, we give you one or two bites at a time and that's it. You adore your big sister and she adores you, Jolie makes you laugh a lot! You and Jolie love playing together and that just makes my Mommy heart sore. You love board books and blocks, you stick everything and anything in your mouth if your paci isn't in your mouth. We let you have your paci more than we should because I am always afraid I will miss you getting into something and you will choke. You have become a great sleeper in the last several months, you still get a bottle before bed but then I put you in your crib with classical music on and you go right to bed, you normally sleep from about 8pm to 6:30am, occasionally you wake up in the night but not often. You are a big girl, tall and all, you wear size 24 month clothes with a few 18 months mixed in, you wear a size 4 diaper, and a size 4.5W shoe. Your Daddy and I love you to pieces and feel so blessed to be your parents!!!! We love you baby girl. Happy First Birthday!


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