Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Packing Jolie up....

Tonight I will finish packing little Jolie up for her vacation. She is going with my parents to their house in the mountains, she is so excited and been on her very own countdown for the last week. She has put together a few toys to take with her and has even informed us of all the things she is going to do when she gets there!! According to Jolie she will be seeing goats, cows, and horses and will be going to pick blueberries. The good news is Mimi and Poppy have planned to take Jolie on a farm tour this weekend and she is going to get her wish and see all of those things. We even have plans to take her on a pony ride when Rich and I get there!! Rich and I will be child free until Friday, July 2nd when we head up to meet with my parents and Jolie, it is going to be so quite at our house without her but Rich and I have tons of projects to complete at the house so this will be a much needed kid free break. I can't believe it won't be long until there are two little ones to care for, I have a feeling the first several months are truly going to be crazy, it is going to mean adjusting so much of our schedules to accommodate for two. I think there might be a bigger adjustment to having two then to having one, now we feel like we have a routine with one and all that is going to change with two, although I am so excited about completing our family as this will be our final child! Rich and I will so miss Jolie while she is gone but what better way to spend her summer vacation then with Mimi and Poppy in the Mountains!?! She is going to have a BLAST!!!

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