Friday, June 11, 2010

Show us you life....China Patterns

When Rich and I got married we didn't register for China, we did register for really nice, over sized regular dishes that I love, they can go in the microwave and the dishwasher which is a must with our busy lives. But we received "hand me down" china from my Grandmother. My Grandmother was an only child of rather wealthy parents and they had tons of china, I think she has four or five different full sets. She allowed me to pick one and bring it home, I picked the one that had always been my favorite and was the one that her Father (my Great Grandfather) kept at his home in Washington State, it was a full set of service for 8 along with the silver pattern that he kept with it. Knowing that we have a rather large family my Grandmother felt it would be best if the service was a little larger so she contacted a China Replacement Service and bought for us 5 additional complete settings, that would give us service for 12 and one to spare for any accidents. Thankfully we are still sitting at service for 13. Now, on to the specifics, we have Lenox Harvest, it was one of the most common and long running patterns of Lenox China EVER, however, what most people don't realize is that it changed slightly several times and has three spin off settings so when replacing you have to be sure to get items from the same time frame as the rest. We have the Circa 1940 set and I love it. Above is a picture of the pattern that we have. I have to say we rarely use it but we do love it and it is so nice to have something from my Grandmother's family.


  1. I love the "hand me down" story =)

  2. Great post...Enjoyed my visit to your blog..
    Hope you will stop by and read about our Disney Cruise and I have a GOOD giveaway that I am drawing for on Monday.