Monday, June 21, 2010

Pregnancy Update

So I have been totally slacking and not updating anything about my pregnancy lately. So here is what is going on....

I am 13 weeks along, for the most part I feel great, I do however get some crazy bad heartburn from time to time, well actually pretty often but I am living with it. The only other real problem I am having is a small issue with my previous C-Section scar, it isn't going to bust open or anything, although I will say there were a few days that I thought it might. But I do have a little herniation along the scar but there isn't anything they can do for it until I deliver so I have a band to where to support it and I have to be careful lifting anything and really careful when I cough or laugh because that is what makes it hurt the most. Other than that things are good. We had our nuchal test last week Monday and on Thursday we got the phone call saying all was good and normal so things are progressing well. We asked at the ultrasound last week if they could tell gender and they had a guess but not a concrete answer so we are still waiting on that. We have already picked one girl name and one boy name so we are just waiting to hear for sure what we are having. Jolie keeps saying that she is having a baby brother so let's see if she is right in the end. Jolie has also informed us that whether it is a girl or a boy she would like to name the baby "Poco", for obvious reasons that will not be happening! It is so sweet to see Jolie play lately though because she is all about her dolls and takes such extra good care of them, I am sure she will be a super Big Sister. We aren't scheduled to go back to the doctor until after we get back from vacation on July 12th so until then all is good with pregnancy. I do plan on posting a weekly belly picture starting this week so I promise to get on that with the start of the 2nd trimester!

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