Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old Frame Project

So I have been working on items to hang on the walls since we painted the house and I have to say we finished the painting at the end of August and today we are finally going to start hanging things.  The good part to that is that I have gotten an opportunity to really think about what I wanted.  As you can tell from my blog lately I have gotten really into quick and easy crafts.  So this morning I decided to make a craft I have had in my head for a couple of weeks, in fact I bought my supplies last weekend but just didn't find the time to put it together until this morning when Jolie and Rich were at my mother in law's house.

So I took this broken frame that I have had since freshman year of college, the glass got broken in one of my many moves since then and hasn't actually hung on a wall in I can't even remember how many years.  There have been several times I have thought of throwing it away but now I am glad I didn't.  So here is a picture of the frame before I started.
You can't see the large crack in the glass in this picture but trust me it was there.  I also pulled off the Jen that was in wooden letters on the top and took the glass out along with everything else so I could paint it, some how my taste have changes and the pale pink just doesn't fit in with our house.  So I got out all of my supplies which consisted of:
Broken Frame
Brown Paint
Monogram Letters and Rich and I which is the P for Perillo, a small R and a small J
Tacky Glue
Hot Glue
4 tiny clothes pins
Fabric Remnant
Hemp String
2 pictures
Here is a picture of most the supplies.

The total cost of the supplies I bought was about $8.00 and I had the rest of it.  And I even have fabric leftover that I am dying to find something to do with, will have to figure that part out later.

So I got to painting the 3 wooden letters with the brown paint and the frame that was formerly pink, I always use wax paper under painting that way nothing sticks to it, sometimes I find that painted stuff sticks to newspaper if you use that and then I use small paper plates to put paint on, it makes for such an easy clean up.

So while the paint was drying I cut my fabric and glued it with tacky glue to what use to be the matte of the picture frame, I just left the old pictures in there since they were gllued on anyways.  I put the pictures on the back so they wouldn't show through the fabric.  I used an iron on low setting on the fabric so there were no wrinkles, then I glued it to the back as I folded the fabric around it.  Honestly, if I had spray adhesive I would have used it but I worked with what I had on hand.  Here is what it looked like.  By the way the crazy yellow and orange strips you see in the background is a beach towel that I was working on top of as I ironed and glued, I assure you that is not a part of the project.

Once I was done with the gluing of the fabric I put the fabric piece in the frame.  Then I took a small piece of hemp string and glued it on either side to hang the two pictures from using the small clothes pins.  In the picture below I had not yet picked out the two pictures so I just used any two I had laying around for measurement purposes, that is why one is going the wrong way.  I then used my hot glue gun to glue the letters on as our monogram.  Below is the final product minus the correct photos and not yet on the wall.  What do you think?  Do you craft to decorate your house?  Would love to see what other people have made for their homes.

Once I put it on the wall and put in the correct pictures I will share that as well.

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