Monday, October 25, 2010

Subway Art

So all over blog land I have seen the cutest Subway Art signs for Halloween.  I really wanted to make one but it seemed so complicated trying to find the words to put on it and the different fonts and all this kind of stuff.  However on Friday when I was at Big Lots getting stuff to put i Jolie's treat bags for school I ran across a super cute sheet of Halloween rub-offs for $1.50, as soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect for a subway art sign, so I bought the sheet and then on Saturday while at Micheal's for paint canvas for art work for Avery's room I found for $2.99 a plain piece of wood for a welcome sign, I just knew it would be perfect so I bought it too.  Knowing that at home I had plenty of paint I was ready.  So here is the how to....

1.  Here are my supplies, the rub off sheet, plain wood sign, white paint, brown paint, and clear coat (brown paint and clear coat are missing from the picture, I forgot to get them out before I started).  I also was out of way paper and had gotten rid of all the old newspaper so I found that you can just lay down old grocery store bags, thought that was a great way to reuse them!

2.  I then put two coats of white paint all over the whole thing.
3.  I cut out each of the words on the sheet of rub offs and arranged them on the sign.  I then got the stick that they came with and started rubbing them on the sign one by one and was super careful as I lifted it off, if any of the word wasn't completely rubbed off I pushed it back on and rubbed it off again.  This is what it looked like when I was done with that part. (Sorry the pictures are blurry I used the Blackberry and they didn't come out very good.)

4.  I then carefully painted the raised border in a good fall brown color, I really was going to make it black but realized I only had brown paint, it came out good though and since our house is all done in brown accents it actually matches better I think so no big deal...I love when things like that work out.

5.  Then I just put one coat of clear coat over top of the rub offs so they couldn't come off when it gets packed up with the rest of the Halloween decorations.

6.  And finally I put it up with the rest of the Jolie would say ta da....(there are words down the whole thing but with the clear coat there is a glare from the flash on the Blackberry, it is cuter in person!)

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