Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Week Update

So 30 weeks of pregnancy has been quite interesting.  I spent the first three mornings of this week at the OB's office and even worked from home on Tuesday.  The good news is Baby Avery is doing well and growing so big!  To summarize what is going on I spent last weekend in Gainesville for the First Annual Alpha Nu Hall of Fame Induction which I have to say was a great time, we placed our first class of outstanding Alumnae women into the Hall of Fame for all that they have contributed to our sorority chapter, I have to say that each women is truly an inspiration plus it was a great chance to show off the beautiful new chapter house, I have to say everyone loved it!!  But I digress, on to the 30 week update.  So over the weekend Avery quit moving around as much, I would lay down and have to find her which is unusual, normally she is constantly moving.  So when I say the doctor on Monday for my normal appointment I mention this.  He goes to listen to her heart beat and can't find it, looks and looks and finally finds it but it sounds faint.  So he decides to do a quick Non-Stress Test, we do that and have to give baby Avery sugar drink to get her moving but she does, and has just one of the heart accelerations that they wanted to see, they wanted two.  So they want me to come back on Tuesday just to check, oh I forgot to mention I was having off and on period like cramps.  So I go in Tuesday, they do an exam to check for dilation, I am not dilated but they decide to do an ultrasound on Wednesday morning and also discover I have an infection in my uterus so I am on antibiotic for that.  Wednesday I go in and we do ultrasound, Avery is beautiful, did a 3-D and let me just tell you she looks just like Jolie, it is almost scary.  But they discover she is laying right on my cervix and thus when she moves my cervix shorts and the top opens slightly.  Thus she is the reason that I am getting cramping and hinting at the fact that she might not last another 8 weeks and 2 days.  So the good news is she weights over 4 lbs. and is in there practicing breathing and for now all is good.  We will be going to the doctor every week just to watch her but I will be in full swing of getting her room ready because right now it is not.

I am feeling good now and have a lot going on with work and family so the plan is to just get through the next 8 weeks and see what is going on day by day. 

In other news Jolie is doing GREAT, she has been a true joy this week.  She has come home from school everyday very happy and we have even gotten a chance to hang out as a family this week.  I took her outside 2 evenings this week for her to color with chalk on the driveway, she loves that.  She also has decided on her own that she is too old and too big for night time pull ups so for the past two nights we have done no pull up and there has been no accidents, she is so proud of herself and I have so say Rich and I are very proud as well, it will be nice to only be buying one size of diaper for Baby Avery and nothing for Jolie.  She has also found a new obsession in maps...last night she even drew one on a piece of paper, folded it, like a real map and then slept with it all night and woke up talking about it, it was cute.  She is really doing great and growing so big!!

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