Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tis the Season

As you can probably tell by the number of post I have written this week I am back at work and I has been so incredibly busy. I will give you a little recap of the week Monday was a meeting with a Publix District Manager plus normal catch up. Tuesday was a trade visit with my regional VP. Wednesday was supposed to be another trade visit but they ended up elsewhere. Thursday was my one normal day of the entire week. Friday was deal with opportunities and problems leading into the holiday season and a meeting until 6pm. It was a wild week to say the very least. Now it is super early Saturday morning and I am up and getting ready for softball, pretty thankful this is our last game for the season. This Mama is just ready for some quiet in a season of craziness. 

Next week both Rich and the girl's will be home and will be sleeping in and finding fun Thanksgiving/Fall things to do as this very busy working Mom finds a way to lead and motivate a sales force to drive sales and in outlet execution. In other words this is one of those times of years that I totally wish I wasn't in my power career and could be off and stay home and play with my kids and enjoy the season. But I know the girls will be happy and having a ton of fun with their Daddy as well as my parents. 

Hope your holiday season is going well thus far and I will try to keep posting regularly. 

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