Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day!  I have to say this year I have thought more about Veteran's Day than any other year of my life. I would like to say that in my old age I have gained perspective but instead I owe my deeper thoughts to my 6 year old. Jolie never ceases to amaze me, she has such a big heart and a forward thinking thought process. On Saturday morning as we got dressed for softball she asked me what our plans for the day were. I explained that we were going to softball and then bath at home and some lunch then a nap for her sister, then maybe we could play a game or watch a Netflix movie but we really didn't have solid plans. She proceeded to explain to me what she wanted to do for the day, this is where my Mommy heart swelled with pride and soared at the young girl she is becoming. She asked if we could go to Welo's house ( Welo is my 92 year old Grandfather) because she wanted to listen to his stories about the Navy and the war. She said it was important to know history and learn the stories of our veterans. It was then that I thought about Veteran's Day in a whole new way. Through my child's eyes I gained perspective on this important day. Today is about more than a day off of work or no mail service. It is about thanking the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to ensure our freedom. It is about listening to the war stories of a proud 92 year old and thanking him. So we didn't go to Welo's house kn Saturday, he had other plans, but we have him an extra hug at the softball field on Saturday morning and we will be calling him today. 

So please join me and my family in thanking a veteran today for all they have giving to make your life better!  I salute all members of the armed forces and their families today, thank you!

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