Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spilling the Beans, Part I

So today is the day we have decided to tell my parents about Baby Peanut coming in December of this year. Still not sure how we are going to tell them but I just know they are going to be excited as my Dad asked for his birthday in February for another grandchild, so it wasn't for his birthday but Peanut will be here in time to be his Christmas present.

I think I am going to print a copy of the picture of the three pregnancy test we took, put it in a frame and wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper and just tell them that we wanted to let them know about their Christmas present a little in advance. We will see how it goes and if that is what we do but it should be fun, I am super excited. Rich will tell his Mom in a couple of weeks, probably, the timing of that is up to him but I am ready to tell my parents, knowing for 10 plus days and not telling them is already killing me.

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