Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Mommy.....

So last week on Thursday at Jolie's school was hat day, well with everything else I have going on I forgot. We got to school and all the other children had on hats and not mine, I told her Mommy forgot and it was okay but she wasn't having it. She was crying they sent her back to the playground but I could hear her crying and it was heart breaking!! So I went to leave and started crying, then like any good working Mom I said work can wait another few minutes and I drove to my parent's house, which is closer to her school than my house got her a hat and took it back to school, good thing I did as she was in the front office crying, talk about making a Mommy feel guilty, this was it. Although, let me tell you all these little special days at the school while cute are a working Mom's nightmare, it just adds more things to do and remember and while fun for my child not fun for Mommy but for the love of my child I keep going

Well, I am proud to announce that today is Pirate Day and Jolie is decked out and ready, we even took the picture below this morning before going to school. I have accomplished good Mommy-ness today, thank goodness!! Okay so maybe it isn't the best picture since I took it on my Blackberry but at least I took one and remembered to dress her up, baby steps!!

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