Monday, July 12, 2010

16 Week Appointment

Today was my 16 week appointment.  Everything is going well, we discussed the results of my Nuchal Scan from last month, which were really good.  The doctor checked my now totally jacked up C-Section scar, it is herniated and causing quite strange and aggravating pain but there is nothing they can do to fix it until delivery so for now I am dealing with it.  And then we listening to the heart beat which was about 160 bpm, so everything is good.  I scheduled my 20 week ultrasound for August 6th (I am so pumped about finding out the gender of Baby Perillo II).  I have only gained about 6 pounds since I got pregnant which is so much better than I did with Jolie so that is exciting.  I am starting to feel what I like to call the wave, which is the first movements of Baby Perillo II, so that has been great!  Other than that things are good.  We also talked about potential delivery days and it is looking like we will be going with Friday, December 17th, about a week ahead of the estimated due date.

Jolie went back to school today...she was so excited to be going to see her friends, she was cute this morning in the car talking about all of them and when we got to school she was ready to go, she ran in so happy, I loved it!!!

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