Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So we spent yesterday unpacking and lounging around, it was really nice to be on vacation but I have to admit it is really nice to be home.  I feel relaxed and rested and totally unstressed, however, returning to work tomorrow I am sure will bring back all the stress but at least I felt no stress for a week.  Jolie is really excited to be going back to school tomorrow, she hasn't been in three weeks and she actually really loves school and is talking about her friends and seeing her teacher, they are getting their little garden ready for fall so she is pretty pumped about that.  Rich and I also return to work tomorrow and I have to say I have a new determination to hit numbers at work so I am excited to see if I can crush it this month at work.  Well, since today is my last day of vacation let's not think about work quite yet!

Today I have some cleaning to do and a trip to the grocery store and then I have to pack Jolie's school bag and get us all ready for the week ahead.  I am also embarking on my preparation for Baby Perillo II with some big house projects, will keep everyone posted as those things get done but in a nutshell I have things to do in pretty much every room of our small house to try to make room for another person to live here.  Rich and I have decided to do one little project at a time.  Today I am starting with a clean up and out of our Master Bathroom, I will be getting rid of old makeup and styling products that are taking over all our drawers and cabinets, I will be reorganizing all the styling products in the shower and then finally reorganizing all the linens in the linen cabinet in Master Bathroom.  And then it will be Rich's turn for his one project which is to recaulk the bottom of the shower.  I figured we would start with a some what small room and a relatively small project.  And if I am calling this small that means I am in for a lot of projects between now and December when Baby Perillo II arrives.  I do know on my next vacation from work I will be staying home and working on projects and that is when I have hired a painter for to paint all the down stairs of the house, the stairwell, the upstairs hallway and the two kid's rooms, that will make me have to do a lot of projects so that is cool.  Plus the best part is my parents gave Rich and I the painters for our Anniversary and we are finally going to cash in on it, so happy!!

Oh, and about the promised post vacation post, it is going to be delayed as we left the card with all the pictures on it in NC at Mom and Dad's, they are sending it so we will post soon!!

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