Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I have been doing all summer.....

So I figured I should show a little bit of what I have spent the entire summer doing.  I am the newly appointed President of the new Local House Corporation for the Alpha Nu Chapter of Phi Mu.  To simplify what that means I am responsible for the physical house part of my college sorority, I am responsible for the employees, the meals for the girls, and of course making the house beautiful!  Next weekend is Camp Alpha Nu, where Alpha Nu Alums come back to the house and help with little projects around the house and stuff for recruitment for the girls.  So in honor of Camp I figured I would show a few preview pictures of all that has gone on over the summer.  So here it is.....hope everyone loves it as much as I do.  I have to say it has been a lot of work and at times quite stressful but as the renovations come to an end I have to say it has all been work it!!!

These are the New front doors.

The new outside paint color outside, plus we painted the letters on the outside to get away from the dated gold color they use to be.  I really love the color, it is a creamier pink and just perfect, our interior designer is AWESOME!!

The new foyer columns in the foyer.  As well as a look at the new paint colors inside, they are so wonderful and welcoming!

This is the foyer, keep in mind in here on the right will be a HUGE mirror, in a GREAT Phi Mu Shape and then on the left will be the composite picture and newly covered chairs.  Also this was taken before the front door picture but it adds so much to this space.

These are what use to be super 80's style dinning room chairs that are now actually really pretty!!  Over the Fall Semester we are going to have slip covers made for them too out of the same patterned material, they will truly be awesome once completely finished!

And this is probably my favorite part, new wallpaper in the dining room.  This picture was taken before the top paint was finished but trust me it is AWESOME!!

And finally, the reason I do all this, so this little girl stands on the Phi Mu lawn in 15 years and takes her bid day picture, I can't wait for that moment, I will be the happiest Phi Mu Mom EVER!

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  1. Love the pic of Jolie on our lawn! Made me tear up :)