Monday, March 21, 2011

Where has all my time gone.......

Okay, not that I had a lot of free time in the last four years or so but in the last three months I haven't had time for anything. The month of March has been wild at is good because I am super busy which translates to more money which I am loving after coming back from maternity leave but I also am feeling the stress and the pressure of the whole full time, working, Mommy of two thing. I feel as though I am constantly just part way done with everything and that I spend at least fifteen minutes every morning moving the things I didn't get to on yesterday's agenda onto today's and there have been several times that just seem to get moved a lot. The moral of this entire story is work is crazy and got me busy and stressed, my house looks like a hurricane and/or tornado moved through, I haven't planned meals for the week, I have a million Phi Mu e-mails to send and well I am sure everyone reading this can understand.....there is just somethings that sometimes don't get done when you want them too.

The good news is I had a good weekend full of family. Jolie just had some amazing things to say this weekend, with really cool revelations for a three year old...she told me that Avery was a beautiful name and for that matter so was the name Mommy. She was thrilled when she found out Poppy was taking her to the zoo on Saturday, the two of them have really gotten great use out of their year passes. After going to the zoo with Poppy she then very sweetly and super nicely asked my parents for a sleepover and as no good grandparent can ever say no my parents jumped at the chance to have their sweet little granddaughter spend the night. My Dad even busted out Jolie's Island which is an old comforter that Jolie plays on in the backyard and gets to take off her shoes and then isn't allowed to leave it. With the BIG full moon on Saturday night they apparently lied there for a really long time and looked at it in awe. While Jolie was in zoo mode I took Avery with me and Mom to the salon for a much needed hair cut and dye job for myself and then a little shopping. It was nice and Avery thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the salon....she slept for part of it and then ate a bottle for the rest.

Sunday....we got to sleep in, thanks to the Grandparent Sleepover...she also did a quick trip to my MIL's for a visit and then we did a little family dinner at my Mom's house in honor of my Grandmother, that was an amazing family time and for a few hours in the week I forgot about how busy I have been or the things I hadn't gotten to and I just enjoyed time with my family. On the note of my Grandma....if you are reading this I could use a little prayer for her, tomorrow morning she will be having a heart cath done to look for any blockage so I just prayer and a safe procedure and speed recovery for her, she will be having a second procedure on April 8th so please include her in your prayers for the next few weeks.

So that was last week...this week...I have two late work nights, two ride with's, and a meeting in the office on Friday a fairly normal week there but then add on top of all that my Grandma has her deal tomorrow, my Grandfather is having a 90th Birthday party on Saturday with over 100 guest and I pretty much planned the whole thing solo and have to help play hostess at, and then on Sunday is Avery's baptism and then a part at my Mom's house which I am again pretty well responsible for as no shock when I don't write for a while. I will leave you with the thought of I swear to post pictures one day soon but I am currently laying in my bed hoping the quiet means all children are a sleeping typing away on my no picture I-pad....will post pics soon, swear!!!!


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