Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain, rain go away....please don't come back on a work day!

So let's review my job....I get in my car, drive all around creation, stopping frequently at hotels, restaurants, and bars. I then get out of the car with my super cute red briefcase and a rolling bag full of wines for account to try, I know it sounds fun but this scenario is not focusing on the whole picture with my sales goals and the stress and pressure involved with that. This is meant to tell you it has rained every day this week and that my job is horrible in the rain. Yes, I have an umbrella, several in fact and again yes I have a rain coat, it is actually a super cute trench that on this lovely March day in Florida will make me sweat because coat weather has come and gone here in Tampa. So as I sit in my bed this morning in a mad debate on what is truly the best attire for a day full of massive rain storms I do know that the following applies:

1. If I wear regular length pants, I will inevitably end up with water soaked pants up to about my knees from my pants hitting the ground and the water traveling up, it is grosss I have experienced it on several occasions and thus learned that I will be wearing either shorter style more Capri pants, a skirt, or a dress.
2. No matter how hard I. Try I inevitably end up looking like a drowned rat so I don't put much time or effort into my hair or makeup for the day.
3. I take 2 umbrellas in the car this morning, just in case.
4. My Mom bought some cute, almost fashionable "water shoes" from LL Bean last year so I am almost certain I will be picking my outfit to match those today.

And then of course to absolute worst part of my day is the driving, while I have been driving 500+ miles a week for 7+ years so needless to say I am as use to most driving conditions that occur in Florida as anyone, however, it is the other people on the road that stress me out, completely dumb people take to the roads on days like today, they have no idea how to drive on a good day and choose today to get out there and go for their Sunday afternoon drive. I don't have anything to say as far as advice on this one other than look out and be careful. I am saying an extra prayer for myself and those of you that will be out and about as well. And last but not least probably my least favorite and most stressful part of a rainy weekday is having to drop Jolie off at school and also getting Avery inside at my Mom's....I hate to have either of them get wet at all but it happens, I think Jolie will be wearing her rain boots at least to school to dry to keep her out of the puddles and cause they are cute. And I will be zipping up Avery's car seat cover to try to keep her dry.

Well, after a Post totally dedicated to the fact. That I am over the rainy, nasty weather happening on a weekday, I actually wouldn't mind this for one weekend day as it is perfect sleeping, cuddling, watch movies weather and instead of staying home I am going to have to brave it and that makes me unhappy!

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