Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch Up

So I have so much catching up to do....things have been super crazy lately. I am getting into the routine of a working Mom of 2 and it seems to be feeling a little easier but still so much. I pretty much spend the weekend setting us up for the week ahead and catching up from the previous week. However, this weekend was a little different, poor little Jolie got very sick with the stomach flu and spent the weekend throwing up and running to the bathroom. This began rit as I pulled dinner out of the oven on Friday night and she even stayed home from school today with Rich. It was plain awful at our house this weekend. Rich stayed with sick Jolie and I took care of Avery. I even went to my Mom's Saturday afternoon and spent the night there along with Avery Saturdaytrying to prevent the spreading of Jolie's illness. So far we have been sucessful. Sunday I spent all day cleaning and disinfecting our house, thank goodness for Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner, I think I might be addicted to that stuff! So today I am already exhausted and have a huge work event tomorrow night and will be working until about mid-night. Not to mention last week both the kids and I had horrible allergy attacks on Wednesday Night little Avery was having a rough time of it fussing and just unhappy, she is better now. It has just been crazy at work, this is the busiest month of the year and I am feeling it!

In extended family Dad's Mother's only sister and last living member of her family's siblings passed away on Saturday night after suffering a massive stroke on the 21st of Feburary. It is really making me worry about my soon to be 90 year old Grandfather as well as my Mom's Mom who is getting older too, it is a really sad thought that they won't be here forever.

This week is crazy too but baby Avery is growing like a weed and doing well, she laughs and smiles it makes my heart smile. She is kicking and wiggling like crazy and just getting so big.

I promise to post more and get pics up soon but things have to calm down a little.

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