Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy little bees.....

So I just looked at the blog and realized it has been a full week since I updated or wrote anything and then I thought back to why that is and realized we have just been so busy for the entire month of May and most especially during the last 2 weeks.  So here is a little recap....

Last week Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Jolie was in Disney with Mom and Dad so that was great as we had a ton going on here.  I have been drowning in work, there is just so much going on and so much to do.  It is going into the "slow" season but that just means I have to work harder for less, sound fun right?  On top of that Rich is working hard to close out his school year and deal with 120 middle school children everyday who don't want to be at school because FCAT is over, so again a good time.

Then there is all the celebrations and fun family and friends things we have had going on.  Of course we all know Jolie turned 4 two weeks ago and that included a family party, a school party, and a big Chuck E. Cheese party (and I promise I will write a post about all that sometime soon because it really was fun).  Then of course last week Tuesday Avery turned 5 months old, wow, can't believe it, she is so big and rolls around like crazy and pushes up and is working on learning to sit.  So we officially have a moving child, there is no more set her down and she stays there, now you lay her down and she rolls where ever she wants to go.  She smiles and laughs like crazy which is totally fun and makes my heart swell with happiness!  The girls together are super cute but tons of work.  Everyone in our house eats different things at different times and I feel like s short order cook at night.  I did stop breast feeding/pumping on Mother's Day, that was the last day I pumped and after much emotional debate over it I feel really good with my decision.  I ha a freezer full of breast milk so she will be about 6 months old by the time we completely run out of breast milk and we have been mixing breast milk and formula getting her use to it and seems to be working out just fine.  Avery is a great eater and doesn't leave anything in the bottom of the bottle and can put away an entire stage 1 baby food jar.  But enough about all that, I will save the rest of Avery's milestones and updates for a 5 Month update that is almost a week over due but I swear I will get it done.

I have also had a ton of sorority stuff going on and phone calls and meetings and construction at the house so that has again filled my summer but it is going to be GREAT when completed and really be a lot of finishing details to all the work we did last summer, I will be glad when that is all finished it just makes for a lot of stress when I am not there to see that every detail is handled.

So again, we are busy little bees in the Perillo House but things start to calm down this week and then I am only a few weeks to a much needed vacation week in the middle of June!  Updates to follow, time permitting!

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