Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My poor little muffin....

My poor little 5 month old muffin officially has her first illness. After my Mom called me mid-morning yesterday saying Avery'seye looked really bad, she was fussy and my Mom really thought she had pink eye I decided a call to the pediatrian's office was in order. Avery has had tear duct issues in that eye since she was born so I really thought that was the problem but I made an afternoon appointment for her. My Mom and Dad took her to the doctor and it turns out she does have pink eye, poor muffin. It turns out because of her tear duct issues it makes her more prone to catching pink eye, so she is on eye drops four times a day for a week, that isn't too much fun but we are managing and she is already a little better this morning. My biggest fear is pink eye running wild through my house!!!! Will keep you posted on the adventures of a 5 month old with pink eye.

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