Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Weekend Away....

So now that we are back I will share that we went away for the weekend.  I don't like saying we are going anywhere until we are back because you never know who is reading and watching what we are doing but we went to the beach this weekend for the first time as a family of four, plus we took my mother in law with us as well.  So Rich, my MIL, and the kids went down Friday afternoon because I had to work Friday night, I went down after my tasting.  Friday night Rich sent me the below picture in an e-mail from his blackberry as they were gathering shells on the beach, she really liked that and we have a whole Ziploc bag to show for it.
Then Saturday morning we got all the beach gear packed up and Rich and I braved taking 2 children to the beach alone, I have to say we did an amazing job!  Although it felt as though we had to pack half of our house to go to the beach and half of what we took to the condo to be able to go to the beach, that part was exhausting for both Rich and I.  Here is a picture of Avery's first beach trip and then below that is a picture of both girls.

The pictures below are of Jolie and Rich playing at the Beach on Saturday morning, they both had a great time building sand castles and digging in the sand.  I have to say that the weather for the weekend was amazing, it was even a little cool in the mornings and evenings and wasn't super hot in the middle of the day.

After a morning spent at the beach with both the girls we came back to the condo, got some Chic-fil-a lunch, ate and then we ALL took a nap!  Even Avery who normally isn't a very good nap taker, took an almost 2 hour nap, it was AMAZING because Mommy actually got a nap too, that was awesome!  After great naps we all went out to the pool for a while, below are some of the pictures of Avery's first trip to the pool.

Saturday night we ordered some takeout and then had a family walk up to get some ice cream, that was fun!  Then it was back to the condo and we put the kids to bed.  I have to say a vacation with 2 small children really isn't a vacation.  Sunday morning I took Jolie out to the pool for about an hour, we cleaned up the condo, packed up, and headed home in time to make it home to eat a quick lunch and for the kids to get nap time.  So currently the kids are both sleep and so is Rich!  We have started laundry and I am about to start cleaning my house and making my grocery list.  So it is back to the norm around here, this afternoon it will be clean, shop, clean, shop, and not fun shopping grocery and household supply shopping.  But at least we got a little get away in as a family.  Rich and I were able to squeeze in a beer together on the couch of the condo on Friday night so it was kind of like a date, it was just him and I in the room, does that count??

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