Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where did the time go? Jolie at 4 years old.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in the Perillo House as Jolie turned 4 years old!  I am just in awe and amazement at where the time has gone over the last 4 years and how big she has grown.  I have to say that she is truly a very special little girl.  Jolie is so smart and beautiful inside and out and I will forever be grateful that I was chosen to be her Mother.

I have watched you grow so much over the last four years, you have truly become one of the sweetest, funniest little girls I have ever seen.  You have a way of just drawing people in, you love to say hello to strangers as you pass them by whether that is at the store or just walking in the neighborhood.  You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and I just look into them and can tell that you are special not only in the eyes of your Mom and Dad but in the eyes of God and that just makes me smile.  You have such a quest for knowledge and ask tons of questions as you try to figure things out for yourself.  I will forever cherish the moments your Dad and I spent with you as you were first born and we held you for the very first time, you were so beautiful and special then and nothing has changed except now you are big girl!  You amaze me everyday with all you know....you can count by yourself to about 100 (sometimes you forget a few numbers but that's okay), you know a ton of words in Spanish and are constantly asking Daddy and I to teach you more even though we don't always know ourselves, you know a TON of little songs and sing all the time, you just adore music, you color inside the lines on pictures amazingly well, you know all your shapes/colors and sounds and are starting to learn sight words for reading, you love books and like to "read" them by yourself which pretty much means you just tell your own story to the pictures which I have to say is so cute.  You love to play and you just play hard, you love to go outside and in the pool, your favorite place to go is to the Zoo with Poppy.  You love it when Mimi picks you up from school because you get to be a "3 o'clocker" which means you leave earlier than when your Daddy picks you up.  You love to ride in Mimi's car because she has a special Kid's Music CD that you love to listen to and sing a long with.

I just want you to always know that your Dad and I love you more than words can ever describe.  You make me laugh and smile constantly.  Yesterday you were so funny for your birthday when you told Daddy and I, "I am four now, I can do anything".  I think you are right, you can do anything and be anything you wish and you will forever have your biggest fans in your corner, Daddy and me!  Happy Birthday, my sweet baby!  I hate to see you grow up but I have sure loved watching you develop into your own person, I am so glad to be a part of your journey!


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