Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mid Week Update

Okay, so maybe the title is slightly misleading since we are really one day past midweek but how exciting is a title like "One Day Past Midweek Update". Anyways, on to the update. Jolie continues with swim camp and is loving it, I actually have a picture to share but I am on the I-Pad so that will have to wait. But she is doing really well and even has been jumping off the diving board and doing great.

Rich is finished with work for the year and is home for the summer, he will be watching Avery for the summer so he will still be very busy. Avery will be 6 months old tomorrow...that just doesn't even seem possible. But she is doing great in her first two days home with Daddy.

I have yet to get much done while at home because I haven't felt very well. I saw the surgeon yesterday and he found the same hernia that my primary care physician had found last week. The surgeon went ahead and scheduled surgery for Tuesday of next week and then also ordered a CT Scan for tomorrow to get a full idea of the scope of the surgery Tuesday. I have pre-op scheduled for Monday morning. I am glad to know they will be fixing all this but a little nervous for the procedure itself as well as the recovery process. I am not suppose to lift anything over 15 lbs. for 3 weeks to a month and I have an almost 20 lb 6 month old so the logistics of that makes me super nervous. So we'll see how all that goes. But it should help with the pain and bulge in my stomach area so that is exciting! I will be home with Rich and Avery until July 5th and Jolie is going to NC with my parents on the 25th. I will be missing a sorority conference in Atlanta the weekend of the 24th but nothing I can do about it, as this surgery is somewhat of an emergency.

Well, that is it for mid week in the Perillo House, we are just trying to enjoy the first week of summer!

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