Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back up and running.....

So after all my picture posts on Monday I must have posted so much that it broke our Internet and it has been broken all week so this is my first chance to write anything all week. Although the bad part is I really don't have that much to write about. This week although a short work week due to the holiday has felt like one of the longest weeks ever! It was the end of the month on Tuesday so that was crazy busy, I have a lot going on at work that I won't even go into as it is just really a mess that no one wants to hear about, I have a ton of events and functions going on and it is crazy. Not to mention this was the week that Rich had to take two out of his three final exams so that made life a wild ride with him working all day then running to make his exams. The good news is he passed both of the ones he took and just has one left to take on Monday. Plus he is really happy to be down to a week left of school for the year, he is for sure ready for the year to end!!!!

Today it is just Avery and I at home and we have a full on to do list of things to doubt I am tired and really don't feel like getting anything done, is that bad of me?

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