Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our weekend and this next week.....

So last week was a crazy busy week, I had work events and just tons going on. Not to mention Rich had the last of his final exams on Monday so that was stressful. Good news is that Rich passed all three of his exams so he is officially done and we can enjoy our summer!!!

Now, onto the big thing going on in our lives, well really my life. After being pregnant twice and carrying larger than normal babies, I now have a fairly severe ventral hernia in my middle abdomine. Well, let's go back, I have had three hernias for literally my entire life one on top of the other straight up from my bellybutton, I have always known about them and been able to feel them and all that, I never had any problems with them, ever, I have done everything I wanted, no issues. Well, now there are issues, after having Avery they didn't feel the same but I didn't think much about them...until earlier this week when all of a sudden there was a hard bulge in my stomach just above my bellybutton that hurts pretty bad all the time but most especially when I laugh, cough, or lift anything. So I went to the doctor on Thursday and the only solution is surgery and they tuck everything back in and then put a mesh screen to keep it from popping again. There are two surgical options one is traditional cut method and one is with small laproscopic insitions. So on Wednesday we are going to meet with the best hernia surgeon in Tampa to discuss all the options. So this week I am on vacation and I thought my vacation was going to be all about taking Jolie to swim lessons which start tomorrow morning and then cleaning, organizing the house and just general getting things done. Instead I am taking pain killers and medication for nausea to try to treat the hernia symptoms until we can get to the surgeon appointment and get a surgery scheduled which at this point seems way too far away!!!

So the weekend was super chill in The Perillo House as I really haven't felt well and I just take pain pills every 6 hours just to get through, not to mention the hard part is caring for my kids as I am not suppose to be lifting anything as it can cause even more damage to my stomach and intestine. I did however, tell Rich that it would be great if they could just go ahead and do a tummy tuck while they fixed the hernia but he didn't think that was as good of an idea as I did so don't think that is going to fly! So all that is going on here is medicine and pain and me struggling to get things fun! Wednesday can't come fast enough, just want to have the plan and get it done, will keep you posted.

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