Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Avery at 6 and 7 Months

So I have a serious case of bad Mommy going on....I haven't written a post about either Avery at 6 or 7 months. So I am writing this quick post to acknowledge her milestones and I will post some pictures at a later date. So Avery is growing leaps and bounds, I posted her 6 month well visit stats about 3 weeks ago and she is just so long and big it is amazing! Avery is still wearing 12 month clothes but even some of those seem to be getting a little short, we don't put the kid's clothes in the dryer as we have learned that when you have tall children they simply become too short when dried in the dryer. Avery is a really happy baby and smiles a ton, she is sometimes hard to make laugh but is always happy. I am able to get Avery to laugh pretty regularly but it is much harder for others including Rich. Avery is still all about eating, she loves her bottle and when she gets hungry she gets fired up mad! Avery has just started eating puffs and loves them! She also is very good at eating baby food as well, she loves all fruits and veggies and we have just started introducing meats although I will say she doesn't seem as fond of those so far but she eats them. Avery is a great sitter and can sit up by herself well, just the other day on Saturday she went from laying down to sitting all by herself for the first time, I think she was as proud of herself as I was of her, she got sonexcited and it was so cute! She loves to put things in her mouth, which as her Mom freaks me out but so far nothing crazy has ended up in her mouth. She is fascinated by our blackberries and TV remotes and if she sees them she is reaching and streching for them! She even tries to touch the I-Pad screen as well. Avery is going to be crawling soon, she gets up on all fours and rocks like crazy, she can roll and scoot her way around though and gets off her little playmat constantly, I know it is just preparing me for chasing a crawling baby around the house. It is so hard to believe that my little baby is growing and changing so fast, I just can't believe it, I so badly wanted her to stay small as long as possible knowing she would be my last baby but she has just decided to grow even faster than a normal baby! I love both my girls so much though, they are so cute and just amazing spirits! I promise to post more regularly and get some pictures up soon, I am going to try and get out of my bad Mommy phase and back to the good Mommy I really long to be. I am finally able to lift Avery a little so that is good, I even think I am going to try to put her to bed myself tonight. It will still be awhile before I can pick up Jolie since she is over 40 lbs already.

Tomorrow I will do a post on Jolie's follow up trip to the ENT yesterday but Rich and I still have some discussing to do before we determine what choices we are going to make for her, please pray for our guidance in the choices we have been given for her care.

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