Friday, July 15, 2011

So it has been a long couple of weeks but the good news is we have made and things are getting better. I am finally feeling better and there is no more draining of my tummy scar, what a relief all of that is! Rich has done a fabulous job of taking care of both Avery and me, I am so thankful for him and all he has done, he has been the one person keeping our household running and that has been a blessing. In other good news, Jolie is coming home this afternoon after 3 weeks of being in the mountains of North Carolina with my parents, she has had a great time but is really excited about coming home. I have to say we are very excited about her coming home, it has been so quiet at our house without her home but it was a blessing for Rich and I to have her with my parents as I was so sick these last couple of weeks. But now that I am feeling better it is going to be great having her home, she has the weekend to hang with us and then on Monday will be going to the summer program at her Montessori Pre-School, she will love that as they do so many fun activities. I am home from work until Thursday of next week when I finally return. I assume the rest of the summer will be pretty busy with work since I have spent the last month out of the loop.

Oh, I meant to post about this a few days ago but time got away from me but anyone that does home school or pre-school at home should go visit the dollar spot at Target soon, they have some amazing school stuff all for a dollar, I even got Jolie a few things as even though she goes to a great school we like to re-enforce at home so I picked up several workbooks to help her with her letters and writing as well as some slight word flash cards as she is starting to read. I also got her a little calendar thing where we can do it every morning and she puts the month, day of the week and date. So if you are in need of educational materials, check it out. They pretty well have stuff for ages 2 and up and tons of stuff for 4 and up.

As of Tuesday of next week I will finally be able to pick up my kids, we at least Avery, I probably won't be picking Jolie up much for a while considering she weights about 40lbs. I don't want to push my luck as I have promised myself I never, ever want to do this surgery again! Having this surgery was far worse than either of my 2 c-sections.

Things are getting better in the Perillo House and we couldn't be more grateful for that!

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