Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid Week Review

So it is mid week in the real world but tomorrow is really my Monday....I am going back to work for the first time in what feels like forever! I have mixed emotions about returning, part of me is very excited, part of me a little nervous, part of me gets exhausted just thinking about it, part of me is get the point, I have mixed feelings. I know the next several weeks or a month are going to be quite busy so that worries me because I don't feel as though I am at the top of my game and that isn't normal for me.

Jolie is back at school and loving it, the summer programs at her school are just so cool, she loves it! Yesterday they had Indian/Asian Dance Lessons, Friday is Bicycle Safety Day where they take their bike and helmet and get fit and riding lessons, it will be super cool and Jolie is totally excited! They also have several Water Days coming as well as Tye Dye T-Shirt Day and a few party days so it will be a great close to the summer at Jolie's school.

Avery has had a great week....she is just so super cute! She is working so hard to learn to crawl, it is just so cute to see her up on all fours and rocking to try to get moving! She is doing great with eating as well, we are slowly introducing new foods and she is doing great with the different textures and just loves getting in her highchair for eating time. She has been waking up at night lately but is easy to get back to sleep so that is good. After a few nights of crying it out to sleep she pretty much goes right to sleep every night so that is awesome! I am so glad we took care of all that while Jolie was gone!

All and all things have been pretty quiet thus far this week although part of normalcy will fire up tomorrow with me going back to work and before we know it, it will be August 15th which is when Rich heads back to work so summer seems to be slipping away. The one thing I will gladly give up is the heat has been just scorching and with my surgery I haven't really had to go out of the house much so I just feel as though I am going to be melting tomorrow as I run around like a crazy person! Well, I have hours worth of catch up work to do so I have to run, will update on my first day back to work by the weekend but probably not tomorrow as it is going to be super crazy!

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