Sunday, July 24, 2011

There is no planning for what life throws your way.

So I went back to work Thursday and Friday, it was fairly uneventful and calm, nothing too bad for the first two days. This next week of course gets crazy with events and tastings and things to sell and people to see but it was expected. What was completely unexpected is when Friday at the office my eyes started getting real red and itchy, my nose was running and it was awful. I went on with my day counting down the stops I had to make til I could just get home and get my contacts out, I figured there was something up with them. I went straight to bed Friday night with an ice pack on my face and took my allergy medicine and washed my eyes out. I woke up Saturday morning and my eyes were literally swollen shut, light bothered them and it was plain awful. Rich took Jolie to his Mom and called my Mom to come over and help us so Rich stayed with Avery and my Mom took me to the Urgent Care Center, it is like a step down from the ER and is suppose to be cheaper and faster than the ER, I am pretty certain it was both of those things. The doctor walks in my little room, takes one look at me and my eyes and decides I have super horrible, worse case possible of pink eye. Great, I work two days and leave my house for the first time in months and this is what I get, so not cool! So I am on high power drops and again held up in my house. Also turns out little Avery has some sort of cold with congestion and a running nose, she will be going to the pediatrician's office tomorrow. And I am fighting with the eye thing, hand sanitizing myself and the rest of the family every few minutes it feels and just lounging trying to get well enough to return to work tomorrow even though I have a note to miss Monday and Tuesday because of the whole highly contagious eye thing, big problem being my work will loose it if I am out another two days so I am trying. I have thrown away the contacts I was wearing on Friday along with ALL my make-up including the bag, brushes everything. My awesome Mom went out yesterday to Ulta and bout me the start to all new makeup, new brushes, new bag, a new bare minerals starter kit, a thing of eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, literally everything, she was amazing. Speaking of amazing my husband is truly the best! He has helped me get as disinfected as possible, taken care of Avery so I am not touching her, kept Jolie away from me so she doesn't get my funk, he is just awesome and I owe him more than I could ever even begin to repay! Needless to say the Perillo's should just own stock in the antibacterial febreeze, clorox wipes, and hand sanatizer as we are using more of them then I even thought humanly possible! Once done with this post I will be disinfecting the I-Pad as well. So again life has taught us there is no planning, things come as they will and you must adapt and forge ahead.

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