Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom---Day 4

**** I wrote this post during the day on Thursday but never posted it, so here it is.  The weekend went very south on Saturday stay tuned for the update on that, in my weekend post.****

So my week as a stay at home Mom is nearly over, I have to say I am a little sad about that, I have really enjoyed getting to hang out with Avery and being home every afternoon when Rich and Jolie arrive home, it is really nice to not feel all the stress and pressure of work.  I was thinking about it, with the exception of watching Avery and the random cleaning I am really just doing what I normally do but without all the work stuff.  I have been billing orders from home but that is easy in comparison to the normal stuff I do for work in a day.  But the point is normally my life is so much busier it is nice to have a quiet week and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the lovely fall weather that finally arrived, although I think it will be gone in just a few days but in the meantime we are going to soak it all up!!  On to our day today....

7:00 am Well actually a few minutes before 7:00 am we hear Avery talking on the monitor.  I am moving very slow as I stayed up late last night checking out all the new on-line coupons as well as the new Publix store ad that came out, not sure why or how I got so wrapped up in it but I did.  Rich made Avery's bottle and got her diaper changed while I got Jolie dressed.  Jolie was so excited about getting to wear a jacket and jeans, got to love cool weather.  I then went in and feed Avery while Rich got ready.  Rich got breakfast, lunch packing, and coffee going while I was finishing up upstairs.

8:00 am Rich runs out the door for work, a few minutes late, that might have been thanks to my slow moving this morning.

8:20 am I get the kids in the car to take Jolie to school.  We talk to my parents on the phone, Jolie counts to 200, this is one of her favorite pastimes.

8:45 am Avery and I go to the Target.  We needed formula (I will be so happy when we are done with baby formula and bottles, the days are near), I also pick up a sale hoodie for Avery since she is wearing 18 months clothes and we don't have much in the way of winter clothes in that size, not really sure why that is but either I haven't found the box they are in or we don't have them.  We have winter stuff in 9 months, 12 months, and 24 months.  Jolie didn't wear 18 months for long and I think it was from around her 1st birthday until that September or so, when it is HOT around here.  I also pick up some paper plates on sale for Avery's 1st Birthday Party, I have been slowly gathering sale stuff so I can try to do this party for as little money as possible.  Not sure if I have mentioned it or not but I am doing a Milk and Cookie's Party, the color scheme is Red, Orange, and White.  So thus far I have red, orange, and white polka dot napkins and solid red colored plates.  I also bought pre-cut orange letters that I am going to use to make a happy birthday banner.  And then of course as you know I am saving baby food jars, those are going to be turned into party favors, I am going to make hot chocolate mix and put it in there, it will be mixed with warm water or milk when the guest are ready to make it.  They are also going to get a little bag of #1 cookies.  Now I need to get some ribbon to make a picture banner of her every month of her first year and then I need some scrapbook paper for the banner and I will be done with that stuff.  And I also will pick up little treat bags and some ribbon and tags for the baby food jar hot chocolate.  For the food table we are going to use these glass bowls that were the center pieces at my wedding, I have 17 of them so we are good there and then I am going to mix in all the solid red serving pieces I have from Christmas, so no need to spend money there!!  So thus far I have spent about $11 and I don't have that much more to go other than food, of which I have cut several coupons for the flour, sugar, and chocolate chips that our cookie recipes will call for.  On to my day though.

9:15 am After Target Avery and I went to the meat market for the sale.  We bought chicken, ground beef, Italian sausage, and then deli meat.  We got 20lbs of meat and the sandwich meat and out total was $45, not bad.  So the freezer will be loaded up for awhile once Rich and I bag everything up later tonight.

10:00 am Avery and I arrive home and put our purchases away.

10:30 am Avery ate her bottle and went down for nap.  While she slept I started gathering coupons for my next shopping trip this weekend, I started making my list, cut some coupons, and matched the sale ad to my coupons.  I also printed some on-line coupons as well.  I also got a few minutes to start writing this post.

12:30 pm Avery got up from her nap, we came downstairs and got lunch ready.  I had a sandwich and she had jar baby food as well as some wagon wheels and a few puffs, she ate good, she really loves solid food!

1:00 pm After lunch we played on the floor, I talked to my Mom who was shopping for clothes for the girls up in North Carolina and I also called and checked on my Grandma.  Had a funny conversation with my husband and overall had a nice afternoon.  Avery is starting to let go and stand and even is taking a few steps before falling, I can't believe my just 10 month old baby is a walker, Jolie didn't do what she is doing now until her first birthday and then full blown walked right after her birthday.

2:45 pm Avery drank a little snack bottle and then went down for a little afternoon nap, well first she was standing in her crib and knocked her baptism cross off the wall, it fell but thankfully didn't break.  While Avery was napping I did some dishes and cleaned up downstairs a little because my MIL is coming over for dinner tonight.  Plus I want to take the kids outside when Rich and Jolie get home because it is just so nice out today.  I am thinking Jolie can do a little bike riding and I will put Avery in the stroller.

4:15 pm Avery got up from her nap, happy and laughing, it was really sweet!

4:45 pm Rich ran home real quick and then went to get Jolie.

5:40 pm Rich and Jolie arrived home and we played a little.  We didn't make it outside but did decide to go to the park with the kids tomorrow since Jolie and Rich are home tomorrow as well.

6:00 pm The MIL came over and we had  lovely dinner together.

8:00 pm We put the girls to bed.  My MIL stayed until about 10:30 pm and then Rich and I were off to bed!!

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