Monday, October 17, 2011

My Week as a Stay at Home Mom---Day 1

So I know, I know I have been so absent from blogging, I have just been so busy in life so I have been so bad at keeping up with the blog. I promise to update with at least pictures over the next week. But moving on to my week as a SAHM, Jolie goes to preschool everyday, however, Avery is not in school yet, she stays with my Mom four days a week and one day a week with my MIL. Well my parents were itching to get up to their house in North Carolina for the changing of the leaves, so since I had a week's vacation left, I told Mom and Dad to head out of town and I would stay with Avery, so here we are with my week as a SAHM. So far so good....I have grand plans for this week so I am hoping to get a lot done, we'll see if that actually happens but I have the best of intentions.

7:00 am Rich is up and tells me I better do the same, for some miraculous reason both kids are still asleep, love it!

7:20 am I actually roll out of bed, put on jeans and a t-shirt, put my hair in a ponytail, kids are still asleep, love it!

7:30 am Rich and I go in Jolie's room as she is stirring, I get her up and dressed, we head downstairs for breakfast. She has cereal and Rich makes her lunch and his.

7:45 am Avery wakes up and we hear giggling on baby monitor and little squeals, so cute!!!  I go in and get her dressed and feed her, her morning bottle. Avery wakes up in a good mood and is smiling. We head downstairs. I put on minimal makeup and help Jolie finish breakfast and then do her hair and get her shoes and socks on.

8:15 am We load in the car to take Jolie to school.

8:35 am Jolie is dropped off and Avery and I head for the Dollar Store and Walmart. We pick up a few random items at each place and head home.  Avery plays while I do a little work, send e-mails and make phone calls.

10:30 am Avery gets a small bottle and then heads down for a nap. I did get a second to pour myself an iced coffee, which was delicious thanks to my wonderful husband making coffee this morning. She wakes several times crying, she didn't finish the bottle so I head upstairs to finish giving said bottle. While she is sleeping I make a quick lunch for myself. As I cook and eat, I hear her playing in her crib but at least she some what rested.

12:30 pm I feed Avery her lunch of baby food jar, a little squash and some fruit. She also ate some veggie wagon wheels and yogurt puffs.

1:00 pm I put Avery in the living room to play while I get some cleaning done downstairs. That happens somewhat but not entirely, I got less done than I would on my own but I did get some things accomplished and of course got some time with a super cute little girl! I got all the girl's toys cleaned up and cleared out a little bit.  I also got some dusting done.  I plan on having Rich get out my box of fall decor tomorrow and getting that put up as well as get a little closet cleaning done, hopefully my sweetie allows that!

3:00 pm I feed Avery a mini bottle and put her down for her afternoon nap.  She was in her bed talking for the better part of the first 15 minutes or so.  While she was napping Mommy took a break and wrote the beginning of this post.  I also was able to get some orders punched in for work since I am on a working vacation.  I caught a few minutes of raunchy daytime TV, I have to admit Judge Mathis is my guilty pleasure and then swept the downstairs floor.  I did a bunch of work while Avery napped, so that was good.

4:30 pm Avery wakes up from nap we play, I do a little more cleaning.

5:15 pm Jolie and Rich came home, the kids played and I ordered take out.  It was a long day so I opted for no cooking, so now it is almost time to eat and Rich accidently posted this post that I had up waiting for my day to be over so we will call it a day now and say it went well as a stay at home Mom, at least for today!

See you tomorrow!!!

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