Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last weekend, last week, and this weekend!

So I will start by saying it has felt like a whirlwind the last week. Last week Friday was my last day of my last vacation for the year and Rich and Jolie were also off because of Conference Day. So we scheduled a conference with Jolie's teachers, which went very well. We received her test scores for the first VPK testing period and she is in the top 1% of all VPK kids in the state, only missing 3 questions on the whole test. Her teachers are pleased with her progress, as are we. She is starting to read and does double digit addition in math. She is constantly spelling words, she also ask what things are in Spanish and is doing great with that. After the conference we went to Walmart for a new booster seat for her and then the drive thru at Wendy's to pick up lunch. We took both the girls and lunch to the park for a little picnic and playtime. The weather was amazing and the girls had a great time. We had a quite rest of the day and all was great.

Saturday, oh Saturday....Jolie and I had just hit the interstate to go to Ikea to get the shelve I had been talking about all week when my phone rang, it was my Aunt in Chicago. She informed me that my Grandma had fallen in her house and asked me to go check on her. I jump off the interstate and head right over. Grandma answers the door and I immediately tell her we are going to the hospital....I get her ready and we head to the ER. She looked like she had gone 9 rounds with Mike Tyson, bumps and the worst black eye I had ever seen. Rich met me at the hospital and retrieved Jolie and I cared for Grandma. Of course my Mom was still out of town so I was solely in charge. They did all the scans and what not and the good news was there was no internal injuries. As time went on she developed two black eyes and basically an entire face in bruises. I stayed with her Saturday night and Sunday morning until my Mom arrived home. My poor Mom has been staying everyday and night with her since then so this week has just been a zoo.

This past week was just full of busy, crazy times. I have so much going on and feel as though there is no time for me to breathe. Jolie has been sick all this week and Rich took off to help with her, she did a pediatrician appointment and ended up on steroids to help her breathing which has made her hyperactive which has been a challenge. She is also on breathing treatments (which is fairly common for us) as well as a puffer inhaler. So that has been busy and stressful. Then there is just the everyday going on and that is at times overwhelming.

This weekend, yesterday was pretty much devoted to a depressing day of Gator football. We recorded our 4th straight loss and I think now will be struggling to even be bowl eliagable. So it was pretty much a PJ day and we all just rested. Last night Jolie stayed with Poppy for a sleepover, she loved that because it was just the two of them and she got to do everything she wanted to do.

Today we did a little Halloween Party at my Mom and Dad's house for the girls. Jolie got to carve a pumpkin, which she loved doing. We had pizza and wings, the girls put on their costume and got to collect their treats from the family, Jolie loved that part, of course! It was nice to see everyone and we had a great time. After the party we came home, took naps, and then Jolie and I did a trip to the grocery store. She even helped cut coupons before we left and helped check things off the list at the store. It is amazing how grown up she is, it makes you wonder where the years have gone! Overall, we had a great weekend and we look forward to another busy week! Tomorrow starts at 8:30 am with Flu Shot appointments for both the I wrote this Rich has already asked me if it was Friday yet? Ha ha!!!!

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