Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So this is the beginning of me coming clean and telling everyone what is going on. Well, if you couldn't tell by the pregnancy ticker at the top of the blog Rich and I are expecting number 2!!! We are due December 25, 2010 but will probably have our bundle of joy shortly before Christmas as we are going to be having a scheduled C-Section since I had a C-Section with Jolie. We are getting really excited and I especially can't wait to meet our new baby. Rich and I have had many discussions about what we think we are having and this is what we think.
Rich would love to have a boy, I mean what man doesn't dream of having a son to play catch with, coach at little league, and just be there buddy. However, Rich is convinced that we are having another girl, which he is happy with as he has come to love being the Daddy of a little girl, that is such a special relationship. I of course would love another girl, they are so fun and cute, dressing them up is a blast and shopping with them and for them is a blast. Once again however, I think that Baby Perillo II is a boy. I just already feel so different with this baby then I did with Jolie. When I was pregnant with Jolie I felt nausea quite a bit but only actually vomited a few times. This time I spent most of yesterday, already part of today in the bathroom sick, which is not good or fun with my job, as I told Rich yesterday I think I hit most of the rest rooms on Clearwater Beach yesterday. So time will tell what the gender of Baby Perillo II is for right now he/she will be known as peanut!!!

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