Friday, April 23, 2010

The Gym

Today was an unusual Friday as normally I have meetings and spend half the day in the office but this week my boss is on vacation and I don't need anything at the office so I got to go to the gym. At Christmas last year I decided that I wanted the gym to be a big part of 2010 for me. I wanted to loose weight and get in better shape so I got a gym membership from Rich for Christmas and I did a really good job for a while of going almost daily. After my Grandma died my life got even busier and I kind of gave up on the gym but now that I am pregnant I am really trying to get back into the routine of going. My big fear of this pregnancy is that I am going to gain 6o pounds again (of which I still haven't lost all of what I gained with Jolie) so I am determined to be so much healthier this time around. I am eating better and going to the gym! I had an amazing workout this morning.....I did the treadmill and the bike and then some weight training (low weight, high repetition), I feel amazing!! I am really feeling pretty good thus far through the pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I have moments of throwing up and nausea, which with my job isn't always fun or easy but at least I am moving along. It is amazing to know that I am growing another living being in my womb. Being a Mom is the greatest thing I have ever done and I can't wait til the moment I get to hold my baby, I am so excited!!!

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