Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor's Appointment and Questions

So I forgot to mention that we are counting down the days to our first prenatal doctors appointment. It is Monday, April 26th at 10:30 am, we are going to the same OB practice that we went to with Jolie so I feel like I am an old pro at how that office works, there are several waiting rooms and you have to give a urine sample when you get there for each visit and there is a special way you mark your cup and there is just an order to everything and I actually feel like I know what to expect which is so different than with Jolie. When I went there for the first appointment with Jolie I felt like I was lost so I am really looking forward to knowing what is going on. Although the funny part is I feel as though I have so many more questions this time than I did with Jolie, you would think I remember everything and that I would be less nervous but that isn't the case.
So I thought I might share some of my questions now and then I will give the answers to them next week after I ask the Doctor on Monday.
- How far along am I really? My last period started March 1st but I know we didn't conceive until April 3rd (will tell that story another day).
- Will I be having a C-Section again for sure?
- Will we be having the amino again with this baby?
- And probably the scariest question....Are we having twins? I ask because I have had two dreams about twins and I feel like I am showing already and I didn't with Jolie....crazy I know but I have to know.
- What is the best way to help Jolie get use to the idea of being a Big Sister? I have read a lot about this but I want the OB and my Pediatrician to help with this.

So this is going to be a busy day on Monday because on top of the BIG doctor's appointment we also have Jolie's IEP Meeting with what is going to be her new speech therapist and we will receive her schedule for services and her start date with Child Find. I am actually really happy about this as she as well as Rich and I get so frustrated sometimes when we don't understand what she is saying and asking for. We have gotten pretty good at figuring it out but we aren't quite there yet, plus all this will make it so other people with understand her and we don't feel like we are constantly translating for her. I will keep everyone filled in after Monday.

Also Rich and I are working on when and how we are going to tell our parents that they have another Grandchild on the way. I just know my parents are going to be so excited about this baby because in February for Dad's birthday when I asked him what we wanted for this birthday he told be another grandchild so he will be thrilled with having another right around Christmas!

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